Perhaps the way technology has changed lives, it would have never been anticipated. A few of them have in fact changed the entire shape of the world and many are in the same contention. They are producing completely novel industries and landing up everyone in a situation of pure awe.

So, we shall now tell you about some of these out-of-the-world technologies:

Apple iPhone

5 Technology Startups that are Changing the World

World Wide Web

It is not the internet; though without it it's improbable that you can upload your birthday photos on Facebook. It was invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee and in 1992 was released; it actually got popularity a year later, as the first web browser – Mosaic Web was launched. Berners-Lee could perhaps have made huge loads of cash from patenting and licensing his creation, he didn’t keep it with him though.


It isn’t one of the lot’s music sellers. We’re talking about the unique Napster. The makers of Napster gave all reasons for Broadband to succeed apart from troubling big shot labels. Napster was incredibly simple to use and extremely helpful, and p2p sharing for the very first time came into the scene. It is all thanks to Napster we now have iTunes, Bittorrent and Skype. It is great tech when we know it is made by a student.


The innovative Hotmail was an incredible piece of tech. By carrying desktop software to the internet and eventually turning out to be a grand hit, Hotmail successfully escorted in the web 2.0 world of internet apps – likes of Google Maps, Google Docs, Flickr, etc. have build up onto its success. Currently it is under Microsoft and a part of the Windows Live program.


The iPhone is like just another phone or is it? It has email, media, games, internet, Wi-Fi and added facilities yet it is a tour de force. Apple has just done what nobody else can do; it has taught each of its rivals that “This is the way to do it, mate.” Apple has made a lot of companies look dwarf. It has such a great band of developers – they have made something unthinkable. So, players – watch out – Apple’s coming to get you!


For all the gaming freaks, perhaps I don’t need to tell you about the Nintendo Wii Remote. The console in itself is the daddy of all others. Its guts are absolutely undersized when put against its rivals such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But what makes Wii, Wii is its motion-sensor controller. Wow, you act like punching your opponent in the face and the player in the game actually does it. On top of it, Rafael Nadal serves on your command in the French Open Final.

Hence, these were just a handful of technologies that have taken us by storm. A lot is in store for us and our children. In the end, just go on thinking – “it can’t get any better than this”; after all the tech-savvy love to go beyond expectations!