So most people know someone who claims to be able to pull off a pool trick shot or two, although most of the time they are pretty basic, or sometimes even worse! But do they have what it takes to make it big on the internet? Let’s take a look at some of those who’ve already made it big – and we’re talking millions of views big.

The Internet’s Most Popular Pool Table Trick Shots

The Internet’s Most Popular Pool Table Trick Shots

5. Eric ‘the preacher’ Yow

Eric is an old-school kind of tick-shotter, using some awesome spin to show off a series of mind-boggling shots, making the ball seem to defy gravity (well there is no gravity on a pool table – but hopefully you know what we mean!). Playing on an American table Eric really uses the nap-less cloth to his advantage. There is also some awesome multi-ball action going on.

4. 20 Crazy Billiard Tricks

Although this video looks like it was filmed with a spy camera – who knows maybe the trick shot artist is a bit shy – the shots are simply stunning. Although the artist in question doesn’t reveal his name (he definitely must be shy!) his shots include some epic multi ball action, opening the video by potting a ball into every pocket on the table!

Shots like the ones shown in this video look simply impossible, but are in fact the result of hours and hours of practice. Practice makes perfect kids!

3. Pool Trick Shots

This YouTube user again doesn’t identify himself – although we do have his username – but this guy definitely has some style! The video switches from black and white to colour on the first hit of the ball, and features a cool music track that seems to have been intentionally synched with the shots.

There are also some cool camera angles and this trick shot artist isn’t shy, with a few cheeky facial expressions after some of the shots. With some action going beyond pool balls, involving getting coins in glasses etc. we can see how he’s racked up so many views.

2. Trickshot: Artistic Pool Trick Shots Pt 2

Another back to the old-school table and balls style trick shot compilation, the camera quality on this one isn’t great (we’re thinking mobile phone), but the YouTube views speak for themselves! There are several cool angles and some really cool shots here.

This guy must have some serious power behind his shots and you can see the ball flying round the table knocking balls in left and right! Not only that, he puts all his accessories to good use - such as spare cues, triangles etc. Not only that but his spin control is excellent, it has to be seen to be believed!

1. AMAZING Trick Shot

Ok, so things that classify themselves as amazing usually aren’t, but I don’t think the person behind this trick shot was the person who uploaded it, so we fully stand by that description of this trick shot!

This one might not be for the trick shot purists, as it is more about physics, gravity and skill that about hitting the ball, but the amount of time and work that has clearly gone in are undeniable.

If you haven’t watched it yet then go and watch it now! Although it is a bit more like the domino world championships that happen every year, and the trick shot artist only actually hits the ball once, the dedication is awesome. Making clever use of pool table accessories, and multiple tables (with pool cues linking the tables together) there is over a minutes worth of continuous action here. And that’s why its number one for views on YouTube!

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