Google Plus is getting bigger and bigger everyday as many people are joining it. But it is a new social networking site with different features and look. So, many new user do not understand so fast that how to use the Google Plus properly. That is why, earlier I posted the few Google Plus tutorial videos like how to create the Google Plus search engine, configuring the Google Plus privacy settings etc.

And this time, I am sharing the collection of the Top 10 Google Plus Video Tutorials. You can also call it as the "Google Plus For Dummies" if you want. You can share these videos with any new Google Plus user or a confused Google Plus user ;) . Hope that it will help them

Top 10 Google Plus Video Tutorials

Top 10 Google Plus Video Tutorials

1. Change the text format in your Google Plus updates

This video teaches you that how you can bold, italicize or put a strike through your text while updating the status on Google Plus.

2. How to use Sparks on Google Plus

Sparks is a great feature of the Google Plus which helps you in following your interests on Google Plus. Watch the video given below to know how to use it properly.

3. Drag and drop the images on Google Plus

It is very easy to share images and videos on Google Plus. You can drag and drop the media content in the Sharing window and post to your stream

4. Tagging people in your posts

Tagging works exactly like the Twitter and Facebook on Google Plus too. Just use "@" before someone's name to link to that person in your Google Plus status.

5. Send private messages to a single or multiple users

To know how to send a private message to a person or more than one, watch the video given below.

6. How to link to a particular update of a user

This video teaches you that how you can link to someone's update.


7. Configuring the Google Plus privacy settings

8. Google Plus keyboard shortcuts

Here is the list of the Google Plus keyboard shortcuts which can help you in using it faster. You can also check the Google Plus Cheat Sheet

9. Mute notifications

This video tutorial shows you that how to mute the notifications on Google Plus

10. See how your profile looks to others

Google Plus is having the same feature like Facebook which let you see how it appears to others. It helps you in better configuration of your privacy settings on Google Plus.