Geeks are a special breed of people, but without them we’d still be writing letters to each other on pieces of perfumed paper and sharpening our pencils. While the technology developers of ages past were typically the more manly caste of engineers and before them blacksmiths – it’s now computer junkies who are rocking the world with forward momentum.

If you have a geek in your life, then it’s time to show some proper appreciation by giving him (not her, as female geeks are classed as ‘nerdy chicks’ and therefore never get to become full nerds themselves. This is quite sexist really) the appropriate gift to make him feel appreciated. So in no particular order, I present the three best geek gifts this year:

Top 3 Gifts For Geeks

Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid

Top 3 Gifts For Geeks - Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid

OK, nothing says awesome, and probably dateless, like this epically interactive R2-D2 toy! This guy stands at almost 15 inches in height and flawlessly rolls along after you, talks (in R2-D2 fashion) and obeys your commands. You can even have him patrol your room and activate an alarm if someone comes in. His pseudo AI allows him to locate you all by himself and he even ‘remembers’ characters from the Star Wars universe and reacts at the mere mention of their name. This toy’s got more utilities and options than I can mention here but suffice it to say that it’s epic. Oh, and don’t punch him in the head or he’ll let his anger be known. He’s also cheaper than a cat in the long run, and sheds a great deal less.

Supportive AI Computer

Top 3 Gifts For Geeks - Supportive AI computer

Computer AI has been making gigantic leaps and bounds over the last decade as proven by this article on DNA/AI experimentation. Although the technology is no where near ready for release yet, it’s safe to say that a fully operational AI managed PC is exactly what every geek in the world dreams of (most of the time). By that token you could program it with a suitable personality, such as a husky girlfriend type that mutters naughty phrases or a parental personality that reaffirms your geek’s relationship with his formally disapproving father.

The "Umbrella Corp." Umbrella

Top 3 Gifts For Geeks - The Umbrella Corp. umbrella

For those geeks caught up in the zombie craze (which took over from the superhero craze, which took over from the space craze which took over from the dinosaur craze, blah blah very blah) this is the perfect accessory. Meet the Umbrella Corp umbrella! With the patented red and white stripes swirling after your geek on a rainy day, he’ll feel just like Albert Wesker. What’s more, other geeks will swiftly identify him on the street, and feel more than a little inferior about their lack of ‘Umbrella’.

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