When you browse the Internet then how many browser windows and applications you use simultaneously? There is a possibility that most of those open browser windows belong to your social networking activity. There are lots of social networking sites and Instant Messengers out there and people are having account on all of them. Even I am an active user of the Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.Because of all this, social networking is a big task in itself.

But as I said, using all those social networking sites from different browser windows and applications can be a bit irritating and can affect your productivity to other tasks. But I just got something which is an excellent solution for this problem.

Trillian is an awesome social networking and IM desktop client for the Windows operated computer systems. Trillian supports nearly every popular social networking site and IM service. The IM services which you can use on Trillian are Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and MySpaceIM. The social networking sites available on the Trillian are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare. So, you will never need to open lots of browser windows and applications to use all these social networking sites and IM clients separately.

Trillian : The Perfect Social Networking & IM Desktop Client

One of the feature of the Trillian is that you can check your email also after connecting your account for an IM service which also provides the email service like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Also, you can connect to your IMAP and POP3 email accounts to notify you whenever you get a new email.

I connected my various IM accounts and Twitter account to Trillian and it was working very well. Trillian is having all the features and options of the Twitter and also having the auto refresh option to load new tweets. It also provides you the real time notification of the new tweets with the Reply and ReTweet options.

The whole Trillian interface works smoothly and you can open a window to use a service just by hovering your mouse over it. To get the options on Twitter, just Right Click on a tweet and you will have lots of options to select a task.

Trillian : The Perfect Social Networking & IM Desktop Client

Trillian is also having the option of voice and video chatting, file transfer, skins , plugins, language, fonts, status message and much more. You can explore all these options and features from your Trillian Preference section.

And in the era of smartphones<, you can also sync your Trillian for Windows with your iPhone, Android< and BlackBerry to enjoy the Trillian on the go. So, what you are waiting for? If you are a social media junkie then this one is the perfect app for you. Also do not forget to check out this cool video about the Trillian and its awesome features