The whole world is waiting for the launching of the iPhone 5 but seems it is not going to come out soon. Apple stated that they got 1 million orders for the iPhone 4S and getting more and more everyday. So if they gonna launch the iPhone 5 soon then, the sell of the iPhone 4S will be affected.

Also chances are there that due to the death of Steve Jobs, they will not conduct any event or launching in the near future. Google and Samsung also postponed the launching of Samsung Nexus Prime due to the same reason.

Forget iPhone 5, Here Comes The iPhone 6

So, stop thinking about the iPhone 5 cause here is the iPhone 6. Sounds weird, right? Watch the brand new video of iPhone 6 and enjoy until iPhone 5 is not gonna be launched ;)

Forget iPhone 5, Here Comes The iPhone 6 (Video)