In 2011, the housing market is still struggling, and home prices have fallen to their lowest levels in years. Around the world, real estate experts are trying to figure out how to get the market growing again. But someone forgot to tell that to the owners of these homes. From a skyscraper in India to a historic London home, these houses are so expensive they are reserved for only the world’s wealthiest homeowners. Equipped with everything from ballrooms to ice skating rinks to bomb-proof bunkers, these homes lack for nothing in the amenities department

Top 5 Most Expensive Houses in the World

1. The world’s most expensive home belongs to Indian business mogul Mukesh Ambani. While the 27-story glass building looks more like a skyscraper than a private home, the house, called Antilla, is actually home to only one family. That is, one family, plus numerous guest suites, an indoor garden, a parking garage for Ambani’s 200-strong car collection, a health club, and of course, staff apartments for the live-in maintenance crew. The Ambani family has worked with architects to design every inch of the 400,00 square feet of living space so that every room feels unique. The price tag? A cool one billion dollars.

2. Situated in a prestigious London neighborhood, Elena Franchuk’s Victorian villa is one of the most valuable urban homes in the world, with a price tag of $161 million. A five-story home with ten bedrooms, a swimming pool, movie theater, gym and even a secure bunker, this home has everything a billionaire would need to entertain himself and his guests.

The home also has a unique historical past, as it was once a girl’s prep school. When Franchuk purchased the property in 1997, she spent $20 million renovating it and transforming it into an elegant London mansion.

3. After two years as the most expensive real estate listing in the US, the Spelling Manor in LA has finally been purchased, for $85 million, by 22-year-old Petra Ecclestone. A chateau-style mansion of 56,500 square feet, situated on 4.6 acres of prime LA real estate, the house was built by TV producer Aaron Spelling in 1988.

Included in its 123 rooms are a gym, bowling alley, movie theater, indoor pool, a vault for diamond jewelry, four garages and three rooms for wrapping gifts. It also has an entire floor of closets. Ecclestone, the daughter of a Formula One racing magnate, recently told the New York Times that she chose the house because it would give her dogs plenty of room to run around. The socialite and fashion designer, who recently announced her engagement to James Stunt, said the house was a wedding gift from her parents.

4. Hala Ranch, in Colorado, is currently owned by a Saudi prince. With 15 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, an indoor pool, tennis court, private sewage treatment plant, and stables, as well as a gas station and private ski trails on the premises, the prince never needs to worry about running out of space or things to do. Hala Ranch is currently valued at $135 million.

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5. A modern-day Versailles, the Fleur de Lys mansion brings French glamour to Beverly Hills. The $125 million palace currently belongs to pop star Mariah Carey, although it was originally built by David and Suzanne Saperstein. It was also featured in several movies, most notably The Godfather. The opulence of the outside of this 15-bedroom home (walls made of limestone imported from France) is matched only by the inside (crown moldings and walls adorned with 14 karat gold).

The 41,000 square foot home also has a ballroom, library, two kitchens, movie theater, and staff quarters for the ten maintenance workers who maintain the property.