When the seasons change there seems to always be those tasks around the home that require your attention. With so many accidents occurring in your home, it’s important to make sure you have the correct safety equipment before you attempt to fix and maintain your home.

There are so many niche tools and equipment that may ensure your safety when attempting to fix those niggling chores and odd jobs around the home, but with this guide we aim to highlight 5 universal items that you should use with most jobs to ensure your safety while completing your DIY checklist.

Every aspiring handyman should have this safety equipment to protect his body tools and increase his efficiency on Sunday mornings in the garage.

Sexy Construction Worker- Top 5 DIY Safety Accessories for Your Home

Top 5 DIY Safety Accessories for Your Home

1. A sturdy pair of protective shoes . While to most it seems your choice of footwear is not that important as safety equipment, but good shoes offer safety to more than your feet alone. Make sure you have good grip on the soles to avoid slipping and that they are close toed shoes without dangling laces. Standing on nails or other debris is a sure way to end any carpentry work.

2. Work gloves provide extra grip and protection to your digits. Safety equipment can prevent accidents by better equipping you for the attempted task. Ensure they have adequate cover and grip and they can save your hands from chemicals, grazes and chafing or any other friction injuries.

3. Work overalls are not simply a fashion statement, but also a practical approach to clothing for home DIY. When working with machinery, it’s important that you have no loose clothing that may get caught in mechanisms or snagged on anything. A single piece denim work overall is a smart choice due to durability and comfort.

4. Safety goggles need to be worn when there is any chance of flying debris from the attempted project. Often an underused piece of home safety equipment, it’s important to protect your delicate body parts. Make sure they are comfortable and durable. Your choice will vary as to whether you are using chemicals or not and check with your local DIY store.

5. Ear Plugssave your hearing in the long run. Parents warn their kids when hearing them listening to loud music, so surely when using an angle grinder you should be wearing ear plugs? Make sure you get one with an approval rating from NVLAP to ensure they meet safety equipment regulations.

So before you start those season changing DIY chores, make sure that you check your garage closet and make sure you have all the recommended items before attempting to check them off your list. This safety equipment is applicable to most, if not all chores, so why would you take any chances with your safety?