‘Go Compare’, ‘Haribo’, ‘Halifax’; all brands that are almost as well known for their annoying methods of advertising as they are for their actual products and services.

As much as people slate these adverts, or mute the television when they come on, or even change the channel; the companies continue to follow the premise of pushing all the wrong buttons. Surely they must be doing something right?

You want your brand to stand out

Television advertising isn’t easy. Thanks to the countless choice of channels we are blessed (or burdened) with, adverts today have a very limited reach. You’re also up against endless other brands and should you choose your slot wisely – brands that are your direct competition.

Are Annoying Ads The Most Successful?

So just as any good promotional video production company will tell you - you need to stand out.
What’s an effective way of doing this? Annoying people. Place an aggravating song in your advert and when people think of your industry, they will probably think of you.

For instance, despite the fact that Go Compare has been voted the UK’s most irritating advertiser, in just five years they have grown to be worth around £400 million.

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But does this mean people will actually buy from you?

While it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be everyone’s favourite comparison site, confectionary manufacturer or bank, it does mean that when people weigh up their buying options, they will consider you.
The right song, jingle or slogan can ensure that when someone thinks of a particular industry, it’s your company name that enters their head.

Often, simple is best

Anyone can admit that the type of advertisements we’re discussing don’t incorporate the cleverest concepts, will never win an Arrow (the British Television Advertising Awards) and probably didn’t take all that long to contrive and execute.

But perhaps this is part of what makes them so great as a means of advertising.

Most small businesses can’t afford the time, talent or budget needed to create a commercial that can stand up to the likes of classic advertisers such as Cadbury’s or Hovis. Yet this doesn’t mean you can’t work with a local promotional video production company and come up with something that is effective and most importantly, memorable.

But we don’t want to be thought of in this way.

Obviously, this form of advertising isn’t for everybody. While it is doubtless effective, it will tar your brand with a certain brush that’ll be difficult to brush off.

For this reason, it’s wise to consider carefully before going down the ‘annoying and aggravating’ advertising avenue.

You will be remembered for your cheesy song or abrasive star character so if this isn’t something you can handle perhaps this advertising style isn’t for you.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of BlackHawkProductions.co.uk; a promotional video production company who offer video production in Nottingham. Amy is interested in business, advertising and marketing and recently discovered how annoying people may be the secret to brand success.