Internet changed the world in just a decade and still changing it every single day. We communicate with others these days mostly using social media sites, video chat etc. Thanks to all those awesome services by various Internet and tech brands helping us. But what if today's popular Internet brands products were there in the 60s? What if Twitter and Facebook existed 50 years back? How would be their advertising at that time? Sounds kinda interesting, right?

Here is a collection of the vintage ads of social media sites Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and product Skype developed by the Sao Paulo-based ad agency Moma for Brazil’s MaxiMidia seminar series. Just take a look at them and tell us which one you liked most out of these? My favorite is the vintage ad of Twitter. What about you?

Vintage Ads Of Internet & Tech Brands

skype-maximidia vintage internet ads

twitter-maximidia vintage internet ads

youtube-maximidia vintage internet ads

facebook-maximidia vintage internet ads