Who says that banner advertising is no longer effective? Perhaps some guys who keep failing at it. It is a widespread myth that banner advertising is not effective, but like all myths, it's just wrong. Let's just forget the myths about banner advertising for a while. Here are 7 ways to make banner advertising work for you:

7 Banner Advertising Rules You Should Follow

1. Design your banner professionally

Design comes first when we talk about banner ads. In order to create an effective banner ad that attracts positive response, plan your design carefully. Simplicity is the most effective design you can carry out in your banner. No distractions. Just simplicity and good blending with the website design. If you don't have any experience in design, it is better for you to just outsource the design work. One more thing: simple animated banner ad is better than static one.

2. One simple message in your banner

Don't carry too many messages in your banner. You are creating a banner for your product, and you must know the core benefit of your product. Think about one to three lines that will summarize your product benefit. Remember to make your words sink in your customer's mind. Appeal to the benefits for the customers, not the product features.

3. Make your banner interesting

People will just ignore your banner if they don't feel interested in it. Generally, people only click something that interests them. When did the last time you click a banner ad? What was your reason? Most of the time, the reason is interest coupled with curiosity. When creating a banner ad, you have to make it interesting for your potential customers. Most importantly, it must attract curiosity. It will boost your click-through rate.

7 Banner Advertising Rules You Should Follow

4. Place your banner correctly

Find the correct spot for your banner placement. You can't just place your banner in any spot in your website. Different spots will deliver different results. Place the banner above the fold for greatest exposure and test the effectiveness of your banner ad in different spots. Testing is an important part in determining the best place for your banner ad. Be more selective when you buy ad space on other websites.

5. Relevancy

Banner ad should be placed in relevant places on the web. If your banner is about web hosting, you should put your banner ads in various webhosting review websites. The more relevant your banner is, the better the click-through rate you will get. Banner ad that is placed in irrelevant websites will tend to get ignored.

6. Focus to promote one product in one banner

Instead of saying “there are lots of products to choose on my website” you can better say “this particular product can solve your problem”. It will be better for you to focus your promotion for one product per banner. Multiple products in one banner will only make people to avoid clicking your banner.

7. Target your audience

Don't make one banner for all types of people. You should just target your audience in your banner. If you promote a product to be used by 30 years old or older people, it won't matter much if your banner got clicked by a 10-year-old kid. If your product is designed for US customers only, it won't matter much if people from other countries click on your banner. That's why you need to target your audience in each of your banner to get full effectiveness.

Those are 7 ways that will help you to make banner advertising work for you. If you do it right, banner advertising can be a less costly form of advertisement that will bring better result.