Online gaming isn't only for the guys or for the guys playing sports or warfare. All those kids that play their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters can move over. There are games out there for the fairer sex as well.

Girl can take part in a host of games that are a love game at heart. A dating game is especially popular at Christmas time as everyone thinks about finding that special someone to share the holiday with and enjoy. No one wants to be alone and a love game or kissing game is the perfect opportunity for girls to feel like they have found their match in a safe, non-threatening environment that provides good, clean fun as they take a trip into their fantasies.

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My Candy Love is an excellent example of the many choices that are available for girls when it comes to a dating game. Girls take on a character in this role playing game and find themselves in another world with regular episodes. They'll feel like they are a part of a teen soap opera or other program, drawn through adventure after adventure in the world of love.

Girls have the opportunity to choose and customize their character and then make decisions as they navigate the world of the game. The goal is to seduce the boys they love in the various epidsodes and win the hearts of the boyfriends they are dreaming about as they play. There is also a forum where girls can discuss their adventures, provide tips to play, and ask for advice.

Dating Sim is another popular choice when selecting a love game. Like My Candy Love, it is a dating game that provides girls with the chance to take on many different roles. They can become anyone they wish to be, choosing from various sim characters, and learn dating tips along the way while having fun while they are doing it. The best part is there is no risk involved that might endanger girls and young women today concerning online predators. These games are harmless and simply give girls a fun escape for a little while as they choose a persona and see where their role will take them. They explore new identities and see what response they will have from the boys in the game.

A Kissing Game is another top choice. When girls type in Kissing Game, they will find themselves inundated with options. It is important to be cautious and make sure everything is tastefully done. Players will arrive at one site that has a multitude of kissing game options which include the role of Lady Gaga, school flirting games, shopping mall kissing, and a beach flirting game to name only a few. Girls become someone else for a little while in the game and take part in no more than a little kissing in these animated games that create fun, light-hearted scenarios.

These games are not intended for young children but for teen girls on up, they are a great way to get away. Girl will be able to experience fantasies, adventures, and fun when they are on break at Christmas as they explore the love games that are online. As with any gaming experience, they should always take heed and avoid overly graphic or intense content.