Windows Phone 7 is slowly getting popularity. Thanks to Nokia for launching Nokia Windows Lumia series of smartphones. But still it is not having a good market share as many people are having doubts about the Windows Phone 7 and they do not want to spend money on something new and unknown for them. Well, any wise buyer will try to know more about a product and have a hands-on experience before buying it.

That is why, Microsoft launched a Windows Phone 7 simulator to have a hands-on of Windows Phone 7. It helps a user understand the Windows Phone 7 and its features. The best thing is that you can have Windows Phone 7 on your existing smartphone using the Windows Phone 7 simulator.

HOW TO : Get Windows Phone 7 On Android & iPhone

The Windows Phone 7 simulator works on the Android and iPhone. All you have to do is to visit the link . It will turn your Android or iOS device into a full featured Windows Phone 7.

Nokia and Microsoft both are trying really hard to grab the eyeballs of the smartphone users. Hope that this Windows Phone 7 simulator will help them in getting the attention of the Android and iPhone lovers.