You can usually spot their car coming from quite a distance away but you can never been 100 percent sure. The dorky, nerdy black and white Volkswagon Beatle fits the stereotype to a tee. The Geek Squad at Best Buy has slowly built a reputation as a group of reliable, knowledgeable individuals that can be relied upon for quality customer service.

No matter how small or large of an issue a consumer has to deal with, the Geek Squad can be called upon. Squad members are able to help a consumer with virtually every type of issue. Whether the individual has a problem with their computer/ tablet or if it’s an issue with something larger like a TV or home theater system, members of the Geek Squad can help.

Best Buy's Geek Squad Review

While installation or set-up is typically included with new purchases, like surround sound systems, yearly membership to the Geek Squad can be good purchases for individuals with a lot of computing devices and gadgets. A yearly membership usually runs about $199 for one year (right now its down to $99/year for new members) and includes several helpful services. For example, removing harmful spyware or viruses from your computer can sometimes solve simple computing problems. These services are included in the standard yearly membership to Geek Squad. In addition, 24/7 online and phone is included. In these cases, someone will be able to walk you through a problem outside of the typical Best Buy store hours. This can be a useful service for students or other users who often are using their computers late at night when most technical support is usually not available.

The added benefit of the Geek Squad makes Best Buy's customer service a more attractive store to purchase electronics. You can find an ever-expanding variety of brands and products when you visit the store or make a purchase online.

While electronic stores in the United States are often quite similar and making a decision often comes down to the price of similarly rated products, Best Buy has stepped up to the plate. The store has implemented deal of the day and weekly deal promotions both through purchases in-store and online. In addition, during the holiday season, Best Buy has emphasized a Price Match Guarantee program to take comparison-shopping out of the equation for many consumers. Best Buy has also utilized an in-store pick-up option for its consumers. Especially during busy shopping periods, like the holidays, this feature can encourage consumer’s to buy from Best Buy because they have gone out of their way to make the shopping experience as carefree as possible.

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