Hope that you guys remember the DownTweet about which I have posted few months back. DownTweet is s service which let you get all the news from a particular topic of your choice. And now the creator of DownTweet are out with a new and interesting product ChatWing.

As the name suggests, ChatWing is an embeddable chatting tool for the webmasters which you can embed in your blog and websites. The integration process of ChatWing in your website just take few minutes and you can easily embed it in your blog.

ChatWing widget

Users can login using their social networking accounts on Facebook and Twitter. They can also login as Guest for the privacy reasons. ChatWing is updated in the real time and users can reply to each other directly. Users can join the various Chat Networks covering a particular topic. You can also select the Chat Network according to your website topic to get the maximum results.

ChatWing helps webmasters in two ways. First it helps in improving the engagement on your site and second, you can make money with it too. Ads are placed within the ChatWing widget and they are targeted based upon the chat content. So, you will get maximum CTR on the ads.

Making Money with ChatWing

You get 75% of the revenue generated by the ads in the ChatWing widget placed on your site. You can track your earning via analytic and can get paid via PayPal.

So if you are a blogger or webmaster then, you need to give ChatWing a try for sure. It will surely help you in making your blog more successful and earning some money.

Click here to visit ChatWing