Google Chrome is the most popular browser right now. One of the features of the Google Chrome is the Tab Page which you get while starting the browser. By default, it is a plain white page which shows the most visited webpages by you and the Apps page where you get shortcuts for the Chrome Web Store and other Google service like Gmail, YouTube etc.

But this Chrome Tab Page user interface is kind of boring and static. And if you want to have something new on your Chrome browser then, here is something nice for you.

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Windows Metro UI Tab Page Theme for Chrome

Awesome New Tab Page is a Chrome extension which changes the Chrome Tab Page theme into the Windows Metro UI theme. It includes the dynamic widgets on the Chrome Tab page. You can edit those widgets according to your need. You can also change the color of the Tab page in this Windows Metro UI Tab page theme for Chrome browser.

You can create the custom shortcuts for the desired apps of your choice. And if you are a developer then, you can create your own widget using the HTML5/CSS3.

Awesome New Tab Page Chrome extension is still in Developer Version. So, you can face some bugs and issues with it but still, it is worth to give it a try.

Click here to install Awesome New Tab Page Chrome extension for the Windows Metro UI Theme