People have been frightened of technology for hundreds of years. Any advancement in how we did things was thought to be the beginning of the end - the beginning of a world ran by robots. However, what people didn't consider were the health concerns that technology would create. Even those that use computers and other electronic gadgets on a daily basis overlook the concerns. The concerns are real though and here are just a few health concerns caused by technology.

Health Concerns Caused by Technology

Health Concerns Caused by Technology

Eye Strain

One of the biggest health concerns caused by technology is eye strain. People often spend hours looking at computer screens as they work. However, all that time in front of a computer can lead to eye strain, which can lead to headaches and other health issues. It is recommended that computer users take breaks throughout the day to get away from the screen and give their eyes a rest.

Carpal Tunnel

Another big issue computer users face is carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel damages the nerves in the wrists and can be extremely painful. The unfortunate news is that while surgery is available, it doesn't always work. It is recommended that users use proper posture and wrist pads to help prevent strain on the wrists.

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Neck and Back Problems

We all know the proper way to sit in a desk chair and work on a computer. However, most users slouch or use their laptop on the couch and spend hours hunched over. This can lead to extreme strain on the back and neck muscles. While proper posture may not be comfortable, it can prevent health issues.


It doesn't matter if you're playing video games, texting or typing on the computer, these repeated actions can lead to arthritis in the thumbs, fingers and palms. You should take as many breaks as possible to stretch your hands and fingers to prevent this painful condition.

Sleep Issues

Last, but certainly not least, staring at a brightly lit screen before going to bed can make it harder to fall asleep. If you have had sleep issues, you may want to avoid handheld gaming systems, computers and other handheld electronic devices a couple of hours before heading to bed.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but when used for hours at a time, every day, it can cause many health concerns. Remember to take breaks often, practice proper posture and to avoid the use of electronic gadgets before bed.