Apple's operating system (OS) is known for being cutting-edge. And it has to be. After all, it has some major competitors, all vying for that top spot. So what is Apple doing to protect its enviable reputation as a precedent-setter when it comes to operating system innovations? Apple is providing us with some notable updates - that's what. What will the next Mac OS X update bring? Read on to find out:

Complete features of latest Apple Mac OS X software update

OS X Lion

Apple's latest OS X upgrade is called OS X Lion, and it claims to be "the world's most advanced desktop operating system." The OS X Lion upgrade is available in the Mac App Store for a mere $29.99. For that price, you get over two-hundred and fifty new features, some which we'll discuss here.


This is the newest home for all of your apps, where you can view, organize, and access them however you want from a multi-paged, super easy to use interface. Additionally, any new apps you download will automatically and immediately show in Launchpad.

Mission Control

Just as the name suggests, Mission Control allows you to see every single process running on your Mac, in a bird's eye view format. This allows for quick and easy navigation and organization of your user experience.

Multi-touch, Multiple Gestures

With OS X Lion, you can use a multitude of gestures to navigate around, including tapping and pinching to zoom in or out, swiping left or right to switch screens/applications, and swiping up to access Mission Control.

Full Screen Apps

You can now use your apps in full screen mode. Your apps will even retain full screen mode when you switch back and forth between many (using those handy, previously-mentioned gestures). Included in the OS X Lion full screen app offerings are Facetime, Photo Booth, Safari, Mail, Preview, Dashboard, and Screen Sharing, amongst others.

Document Creation

OS X Lion auto saves your documents for you, so that you never have to worry about losing your valuable work. In addition, OS X Lion tracks and records the history of your document changes, so you can always revisit a previous version of your documents, if need be.


While it is hard to deny that OS X Lion offers some great features, it is important that you take certain considerations into account before you decide whether or not it is for you. For starters, some of the OS X Lion apps are not compatible with every Mac on the market. Also, many of the new features require that you download specific apps in order to use them.

Is the latest OS X update, Lion, worth its $29.99 price tag? That's up to you. Read over these features and considerations before deciding if you must have Lion on your Mac<.