Social media and social networking site are becoming increasingly popular. The Facebook and MySpace trend was originally targeted towards high school and college aged kids. Then parents and grandparents started creating profiles. Social networking is an efficient way to stay in contact with friends and keep updated on events. Users are able to express themselves by updating their status and share memories by posting pictures and videos. Now users are becoming increasingly younger. The question is how young is too young.

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Social Networking for Kids

Age Restrictions

Facebook and MySpace both have age restrictions on their websites. Kids have to be at least 13 before they can create a profile. The problem with this is that it is simple to set up a profile under a fake age. Many parents do not want their young children to use social media and others want social networking sites to remove their age restrictions.

The problem with young children on social networking sites is that their profiles can expose too much information about them. There is inappropriate content and pictures on the web and online predators have been notorious for using social networking sites. Kids shouldn’t put where they live or posts statuses that give away where they are going to be or if they are going to be alone.

Kids Social Networking Sites

In the end, the decision is up to the parents to determine if social media is right for their children. There are social networking sites that are specifically designed for young children. Social networks that are like a Facebook site for kids have kid-friendly content and are centered on entertaining young children. The safest social networking site for kids must be constantly monitored by administrators to flag inappropriate content and conversations. Some even allow parents to monitor the website.

Just because sites like Facebook or MySpace my not be appropriate for children does not mean that kids should not be allowed to use social networking sites. Kids social network sites are a great way for children to connect with their peers. They can post statuses or share pictures and videos. These websites may offer a positive and constructive atmosphere for children to learn.

Parents should research some websites before letting their kids to set up an account that way they can determine which sites are monitored. They also may want to have a talk with their kids to explain what is ok to post and what they should not post. If kids are approached by a stranger online then they should be able to let their parent know about it. offers a safe environment for kids to explore the internet and connect with friends. This social networking site for kids is the safest social media website on the Internet.