These apps offer quick and easy ways to create cool images with a few simple taps of the screen.

Top 3 iPhone Camera Apps for Fun Editing

CamWow from Jolly Dream

Top 3 iPhone Camera Apps for Fun Editing

This simple camera told allows the user to take a photo with many different colors, effects and levels of brightness. On starting the application, a screen of four different camera variations is shown and you can scroll to the right to choose the four designs you are most happy with. You then save the image to your iPhone library which can later be uploaded onto social media or emailed.

A watermark with the company and app name is displayed on the bottom right of the photo, which can be taken off for a one-off charge of £1.49. Alternatively, the watermark can be edited later on.

This app is easy to use and provides a number of effects for interesting – and sometimes quite bizarre – images, such as sepia, black and white, negative, heat sensing-effect and a warping effect. Each is unique and great to play around with.

Lego Photo from The Lego Group

Top 3 iPhone Camera Apps for Fun Editing

Known all over the world, Lego is a popular children’s manufacturer and has been for many years. This Lego app comes with a trickling melody when you first open it up, and soon the familiar Lego bricks in all the recognizable primary colors line the backdrop. You are prompted to take a picture using your phone’s camera, or alternatively choose on from your camera library. Once chosen, a tap of the button – alongside producing some trickling brick noises – changes the picture into a mosaic of Lego bricks. It’s clever stuff, and you instantly recognize the Lego brick designs.

This app is really creative but requires a simple picture to be chosen, otherwise the bricks distort the image and it is difficult to figure out what the original image was!

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Hope Poster from 3DTOPO Inc

Top 3 iPhone Camera Apps for Fun Editing

Starting with a long list of instructions, this app gives you the ability to load a picture, rotate, play around with different colour techniques and brightness before adding text underneath and saving as a poster style print. The image can be saved in your iPhone’s photo folder, and this app is great for creating some funky retro designs.

All the apps featured are free and well worth installing onto your phone for a quick and easy option that’ll have you making, saving and sharing cool images in a matter of minutes.