Earlier I have posted about the Top 6 Online Image Editing Tools. You can use all those tools to edit your images. But here I am sharing the different types of image manipulation tools which you can use to give your images a complete new look. All of these awesome image editing tools are free and you do not even need to register to use any of them.

So, if you want to give some awesome effects to your images then , you must try all these image manipulation and editing tools

Top 15+ Image Editing Tools

Top 15+ Image Editing Tools

1. Watermark-Images.com : To add a watermark in the images

2. FixRedEyes.com : To remove the red eye effect in images

3. ImageSplitter (htmlkit.com/services/is) : To slice up your images in various rows and columns. J

4. ImageMerger.net : To merge two images unto one

5. Pic2Color (genopal.com/pic2color) : To extract colors from any of your image

6. MirrorEffect.net : You can add mirrored effect to any of your picture with various options

7. TextImage : It converts a photo into a text image. You can choose from various forms like HTML, ASCII or Matrix

Pic2Graphics (genopal.com/pic2graphics) : You can recolor pictures by transferring the mood of one another

9. Montagerator.com : This image editing tool creates beautiful montages and mosaics

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10. Speechable.com : You can add speech bubbles to any of your images. This image editing tool also provides the image embedding codes

11. WaterEffect.net : It adds water effect or ripple effect to any image

12. RoundPic.com : You can add rounded corners, borders and shadows to the pictures using this image editing tool

13. BeFunky.com : It let you add a digital-painting and cartoon effect to your images

14. PicBite.com : An image editing tool to crop and re-size the images

15. GIFup.com : This awesome image editing tool let you create animated GIFs online just by simple uploading of your images and choosing the desired animation settings for the output GIF.

16. DoSize.com : An another image re-sizing tool with bulk editing option

17. YearBookYourself.com : This image editing tool gives a vintage look to your photos. You can choose an era like 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s and convert your image into a classic one