With the rise of social media sites, photo-sharing have also been increasing. Instagram still remain to be the most popular photo-sharing app today, but other apps for Android have proven to be more functional than the popular iPhone photo-sharing app.

Because of the number of apps available in the Android market, it becomes difficult to choose, which among these apps is the best. To help you choose on a photo- sharing app that you can use with ease in your mobile phone, the following are the top ten photo-sharing apps for Android:

10 Best Photo-Sharing Apps for Android


Instagram for Android

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app for the Android and iPhone. There are lots of filters available to edit your pics. You can share your Instagram images directly on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

One of the reason behind the popularity of Instagram is that it is a social network in itself where people can follow your Instagram profiles, rate your pics and get your updates.

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2. Flickr

Flickr has already provided the photo-sharing service for almost seven years, which make it arguably the best known and biggest app aside from Instagram. Flickr is owned by Yahoo and includes an alternative camera to allow you to take photos with the app itself. It also includes useful tagging functions to it would be easier for you to organize your photos. Flickr also has a high performance because of the fast turnaround time from picture taking to uploading.

3. Photobucket

Photobucket allows you to upload pictures in the Photobucket site as well as download pictures from it. You can also share pictures from Photobucket to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Photobucket includes a separate app, known as Snapbucket, which allows you to edit, add filters and frames to your favourite photos.

4. Lightbox

Top 10 Photo-Sharing Apps for Android

Lightbox is a photo-sharing app developed by Thai Tran, a former YouTube and Google product manager. Lightbox comes with a built-in camera and also includes various cool filters that users can choose depending on the theme of the picture. Lightbox allows users to share photos in their Lightbox profile as well as in Facebook, Twitter, Flckr, Tumblr and FourSquare.

5. EyeEm

EyeEm is a cute photo-sharing app that is smooth, light and simple to use. Aside from being able to share your own photos, you can also take photos from the app itself. You can add filters and view live feeds to share to your social media sites.

6. LiveShare

LiveShare is a photo-sharing app by Cooliris. Cooliris provides a rich web interface that is transferred to LiveShare web service. This app allows you to upload pictures easily; however, there is still a need to polish the app to become more functional.

7. Path

This app lets you share your photos with friends and family and also allows you to interact with them through the photos. Path is a stable and simple app that allows you to share your photos with people you care about.

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8. Snapr


Snapr is one of those photo-sharing apps with a community feel. Like other apps, it also allows you to share your photos not only in Snapr website, but to other social networking sites as well. It also includes a rich geographical map of photos to let you look into pictures in the same place you are at.

9. Streamzoo

Streamzoo is more like Facebook photos because it allows you to ‘Like’ the photos of other users. Each Like you receive will give you a point for leaderboards. This app also allows you to add filters, frames, effects and tilt options to your photos. Streamzoo also allows you to have a strong community feel.

10. Trover

Trover is a photo-sharing app that puts emphasis on location. It is a multi-platform app, which is also used by iPhone users. Trover allows you to explore the areas around you visually for a more engaging experience. However, Trover is not for sharing family photos because it basically involves pictures on places you visited. So while you travel, take snaps on the road.

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Photo-sharing is indeed a common undertaking nowadays, so you must be able to choose from the best apps to make your photos eye-catching.