Smartphone use has been on the rise for years, and as these phones improve, so too do their cameras. Cell phones like the iPhone 4S and the Android smartphones< have set the standard for quality in cell phone pictures, rendering a separate digital camera virtually unnecessary. With these new camera capabilities came the invention of the photo app Instagram. With this app, anybody could change the filter of any photo they take, with nearly no technological skill required. However, after the photos are taken and shared on Instagram’s network and then on Facebook, what happens next? With these Instagram web apps, it is up to you, the photographer, to decide.

6 Best Web Apps for Instagram

1. StickyGram

Best Web Apps for Instagram

StickyGram provides a useful and interesting way to immortalize your Instagram photos in the form of 50 mm x 50 mm magnets, matching the size the pictures appear on your iPhone. The pictures are printed in high gloss on durable, flexible magnets that come in packs of nine. You may choose which nine photos you want printed; they will then be available within 24 hours of ordering on any business day. The cost is $14.99 per pack with free worldwide shipping.

2. Extragram

Extragram is an online gallery of Instagram photos. Photos are viewable sorted by several different categories, including geographical location and popularity based on user votes. It is meant to give users the ability to easily find the best of the best when it comes to Instagram photos.

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3. Statisgram

Best Web Apps for Instagram
Statisgram is a free program that is essentially a web view of Instagram. You can sign in with your Instagram account, make comments, view user profiles, look at photos you have liked, follow and unfollow pictures and people, and view your photos at their full size and quality.

4. Blurb

Creating your own photo albums from your Instagram pictures just got easier with Publish all of your favorite Instagram photos in a book and show it off for the world to see. Photos are automatically inserted into the book in a simple, easy to view arrangement. Editing is simple, and prices start at just over $10. The books are printed on high-quality paper, and measure a compact 7 x 7 inches. Each small, softcover book comes with 20 pages; however, the hardcover option offers up to 240 pages.

5. Instagrid

Best Web Apps for Instagram

Instagrid is another Instagram web gallerywith a clean design and some cool features that most other web apps do not have. In particular, unlike some others, Instagrid gives you a URL to link back to each one of your picture so that you can easily show off your photo to friends and family. This can also be a good way for aspiring photographers to build their online portfolios.

6. Webstagram

Like Statisgram, Webstagram is a web version of Instagram. It is packed with more features than Statisgram, even though it is slightly more complex; after you get used to its interface, however, it is a very enjoyable program to use. You can view the photos of those you follow, view your RSS feeds, keep track of your followers and followed individuals and sort photos by popularity, tags and users. With thousands of users and a plethora of features, Webstagram is a must for any serious Instagramer.