iPad is really the ultimate portable office gadget as more and more people have started to use it for official work from either office or home. However with this increases the risk of losing your important or secret to someone else which can be very dangerous at some circumstances. It is hence quite important to make sure that the data in your iPad is secure and away safe from people who would like to steal the information.

iPad Security and Safety Tips

10 Best iPad Security and Safety Tips

1. Backup Constantly

iPad like any other electronic device is not cent percent reliable for data storage and there is every chance that the hard disk will get corrupted and all the data will be lost. Hence make sure that you back up the data quite frequently. A better solution will be to use the iCloud services and share the data to each of your devices.

2. Use the Mobile Me Application

It will display a message on the screen of the iPad in case it is lost. The person who finds it can then easily know that the iPad is lost and may contact you. Also you can remotely lock your iPad and in worst case scenario, you can erase off the data to protect sensitive data and information.

3. Don’t Leave It Unattended

Keep the iPad with you always you. As iPads are costly, people with bad intentions may try to steal it if they find chance as it can fetch them good money.

4. Don’t Share

iPad is meant only for individual use and doesn’t come with admin and guest features. Hence anyone who uses the iPad has access to any file located in the iPad and hence there is danger of data being stolen.

5. Use Password

Use a strong password for you iPad. It is especially useful if the iPad gets lost

6. Restrict Applications

In case you share the iPad with others, make sure that you restrict certain applications and important folders using password.

7. Avoid Jailbreaking Your iPad

Avoid jailbreaking your iPad as it leaves the iPad vulnerable to various security dangers. Also it increases the chances of downloading and installation of malicious content which can lead to data theft or damage.

8. Be Careful while Using WiFi

Many hackers create FREE Wi-Fi zones where unsuspecting people get lured into using the Wi-Fi and ultimately lay bare their secret information including online transaction information. The hackers can easily utilize this information for making illegal purchases and also steal data from your computer.

9. Use VPN service

The iPad comes with the VPN or Virtual Private Network feature to encrypt the data sent over WiFi when this service is selected. This will prevent the leakage of sensitive data through internet.

10. Activate the Fraud Warning

Activate the Fraud Warning feature when you are using Safari as it will warn you about fraud and malicious content if you happen to surf any of such sites. Also make sure that you use surf only trusted sites and stay away from illegal download sites.

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