There are a multitude of office gadgets around. Many of them gimics, but some of them quite inventive and useful. Office gadgets are used for many purposes. Some are impulse buys based on the "wow, cool" factor and may be used a few times before you knock one into the bin without noticing. Others really do make your life easier, and although sometimes more of an investment, you can make your office experience a whole lot more comfortable with practical and entertaining gadgets.

Top 7 Wacky Office Gadgets

1. Desktop Table Hockey

Desktop Table Hockey

We’ll start off with an office gadget that should be an institution in the working world. It’s the relaxingly competitive desktop table hockey. The device takes 8AA batteries, though. Why, you ask? Because it really does mimic an air hockey table. Powerful, cool jets of air shoot up from under the table as your slide the puk across the table into your opponent’s goal.

2. Cable Monkey Cable Organizer

Cable Monkey Cable Organizer

A simple and effective office gadget, this primate removes that infuriating age old issue of the sometimes inexplicable cable tangling. You just use the monkey’s 8.5″ bendable arms to gather in the cables and let him do his thing, by clinging tightly to them.

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3. Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube

Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube

Who hasn't taken a bathroom nap between lunch and closing time? Finally, without anyone knowing, you can sleep in whilst still at work. This cubicle-sized blow-up mattress is not so much an office gadget as it is an entertaining thought.

It's the kind of thing that if you brought to work you might actually be able to use that one time just for providing the office with so much entertainment. The downside being that with all the excitement you might not actually be able to get to sleep.

4. USB Paper Shredder

USB Paper Shredder

Shred all those incriminating documents five sheets at a time with this very useful office gadget. It’s powered by a USB connection, or you can insert four AA batteries and shred it up wherever you go.

5. USB Posture Monitor

USB Posture Monitor

Are you sitting up straight? Sitting atop your computer monitor, this device will let you know by flashing a blue light if you’re seated properly, and a red light if you’re not. This nifty office gadget might finally persuade your boss to kit out the office with those comfy chairs everyone's been asking for.

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6. TriPot


TriPot is less of an office gadget and more of an all round brilliant invention. It’s a planter that functions as a self-regulating and stylish instrument to store your plants on your office desk (or anywhere for that matter). This innovative item serves as a very handy office gadget that allows its contents to look after themselves for up to eight weeks.

Keep your plants fresh on your desktop as this gadget waters itself while you get caught up in your schedule. Then it reminds you when to fill up again. It is is mosquito repellant and uses less water and less fertilizer, so it’s as sustainable as they come.

7. USB Cannon

USB Cannon

On a less practical note, for those Friday afternoons, the USB Rocket is one of those office gadgets that is designed to annoy your colleagues and pump up your adrenaline as you take the risk of your boss popping his head round the corner. Just plug your USB Cannon into your computer, take aim and fire by using your arrow keys and space bar respectively. This might not be classed as best practice in the office but the gadget can reach your target from a maximum of 10ft away! It even has crazy sound effects to boot.

The office can be a pretty dull place at times and often it just takes a little bit of excitement or novelty to push you through the next few hours. That's where office gadgets and gizmos provide a good way to briefly unwind when you get the chance.