Any person who is always using the computer, a blogger or a webmaster are always looking for ways to improve the browsing experience for the visitors and readers. The best way to do it is to use the latest Google gadget to their sites.

Different Kinds of Google Gadgets

The latest gadget the Google consists of two divisions based on productivity and entertainment. These Google gadgetsare mostly tiny objects that make the content dynamic and cool that you can put on any of the pages in the web. These can be very useful and handy when you are at work, in school or just for entertainment. These are used to make it easier to understand the contents of the webpage and this may include a calendar viewer, currency converter and stock charts. You can add the gadgets to iGoogle, or Google desktop if you have any or you can add the gadget to the computer’s desktop.

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Cool Google Gadgets to Make Your Website More Enjoyable

Samples of the Latest Productivity Gadgets

Calendar Viewer

This will allow the user to plan his daily and future events. This will provide you at least three months for you to track the events.

Currency Converter

This is one of the most popular gadgets because of its usefulness. This will make users who are constantly in need to convert currencies using this gadget. With this on their webpage, it would be easy to make updates without the need to make Google search.

Online English Grammar

This is your complete grammar reference. You can use this directly from the desktop to look for explanations, quizzes, test and grammar games.

Stock Charts

Investors of the stock market find this useful. With this at their homepage, they can easily monitor the changes on the security stock price without going to the financial websites.

Samples of the Latest Entertainment Gadgets

This will provide users of the website a way to pass some time on their website. This will make the user enjoy some time on the website. Some of the latest gadgets are Bejeweled, Super Mario and many others. These fun games will let you increase more time on the website. This is appropriate for entertainment and personal blog sites.

There are wallpaper gadgets as well that make the website appealing and the website owner needs to do is to select one of the gadgets that you are interested in adding to your website. Once you clicked on the gadget, the homepage will appear and will show you where you would like to put the Google Gadget. The parameter on the webpage can be adjusted like putting the Title, width, height, language and the design of the border. The parameter depends on the gadget that you selected. When the parameter is already set up, the webmaster will have to get the code and paste this on the website and then everything will start to work. This is easy even if you don’t have web design skills or programming knowledge. Adding cool Google gadgets to your website will make it interest and appealing to various users.