That smartphone in your pocket can provide some handy tools to boost your adrenalin-seeking adventures, from tracking your progress and recording your best moments to keeping you safe in an emergency situation. Here are five essential apps for extreme sports enthusiasts:

Five of the Best Mobile Apps for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

Ski Tracks, iPhone, £0.69

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts - Ski Tracks

If it’s all about the need for speed then find out how fast you are really going. No more arguing with your snowboard buddies about who is the speediest down the piste, or guessing how many miles-per-hour you clocked up schussing down the black run on skis, this app lets you turn your phone into your personal speedometer. Keeps track of average and maximum speeds as well as other data including distance covered and altitude so you can tell if you really did conquer the mountains, while the map tools chart your progress across the ski fields.

Optrix VideoPro, iPhone, £6.99

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts - Optrix VideoPro

Many smartphones these days come fully loaded with HD video cameras, making them perfect for capturing all your extreme sports action and high speed pursuits. This app from Optrix supercharges your videos by displaying all sorts of data including lap times and top speeds over the top of the video, so you can turn footage of yourself on a race track into television-style coverage. Ever wanted to know what G-force you’re clocking up or keep track of how hard you’re hitting those corners on the race track? Well this app will tell you all of that and more.

Best Session Ever, iPhone, free

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts - Best Session Ever

With this fully-featurediPhone app, your most memorable adrenalin-fuelled sports sessions become more than just memories, as it allows you to log, record and share your sessions, with geolocation tagging and statistical tracking in an easy to use and easy to read format.

Whatever your sport of choice, from skiing and snowboarding to kitesurfing and skateboarding, you can easily show off your skills to friends by instantly sharing footage to Facebook. You can also look for ‘hotspots’ by checking out where the rest of the Best Session Ever community have been ripping it up, while the data recorded helps you keep track of your personal progress and pinpoint where and when you enjoyed the ride of your life.

RESCUE, iPhone, £2.99

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts - RESCUE

It’s not all cool videos and recording your top speeds, your smartphone is loaded with technology that could be the difference between life and death if you run into trouble in pursuit of your extreme thrills. While we may not like to think about the unthinkable happening when we’re enjoying ourselves, it really pays to be prepared with safety clothing and equipment and that includes on your phone.

There are a range of apps available that can provide advice in emergency situations, as well as alarms, flash lights and GPS tracking to help alert rescue teams to your whereabouts. One of the most popular is RESCUE, which offers auto-dial to relevant emergency services based on your location without you having to look up the numbers, as well as sending emergency messages to personal contacts with your location details.

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Satski, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, £2.99

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts - Satski

No more messing about with soggy maps or arguing about which direction to head in, this GPS-fuelled app provides comprehensive trail maps from hundreds of resorts across the world. Tracking functions help you check your location on the pistes and you can geotag your photos to help you save those essential holiday memories. All the maps are stored directly on your phone which means you don’t need to worry about racking up expensive data roaming charges when your abroad as well.

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