Blogging for many is a leisure activity and they do not much for their blog except writing the blog posts. But if you are a pro-blogger then, things are totally different. Pro-blogging is just like any other business and needs lots of time, planning, attention and skills. It is stressful and entertaining as well.

If you are a blogger then you will surely love your blog to be a successful one. And you will try every possible way for that. When a blogger writes a post then, there are lots of things he/she considers like the post content, SEO, graphics, interesting post title, social sharing, how to make money blogging etc. But what exactly goes inside the brain of a blogger, specially of a pro-blogger?

Here is a nice infographic from the Infolinks team which shows that what goes inside the brain of a blogger. Obviously this Blogger Infographic is based on the pro-bloggers but any blogger can identify it with themselves, too. Have a look

The Brain of a Blogger (Infographic)

The Brain of a Blogger (Infographic)
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