When was the last time that you went to a coffee shop or a similar establishment? Did you notice how many people were on their laptops? It used to be that people went out to interact with each other face to face, but these days, the trend is for people to almost never be without their laptops. I am not criticizing this trend, but it does open one’s eyes to the fact that more and more laptop thefts are occurring. As they say, when the opportunity is there, unscrupulous people will not hesitate.

One way to protect your laptop when you go out is to make sure that you have a laptop lock. This relatively new device operates on basic principles: you connect it to your laptop and lock it to an immovable object such as the legs of a table. Of course, it will only work if the table is indeed unmovable and if the laptop lock is of good quality. Many coffee shops actually offer free laptop locks to be used by their customers. This is convenient, but it is always better to have your own lock in case the establishment you visit does not have locks for use. What should you look for when buying a laptop lock?

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Tips for Buying a Laptop Lock

Know How the Laptop Lock Works

You can find different kinds of laptop locks in stores. It is really a no brainer that you ought to understand fully how the lock works. Otherwise, you will defeat the purpose and waste your money. There are laptop locks which need a key to be locked and unlocked. There are those which simply need a combination - which you have to set beforehand.

How Sturdy Is the Laptop Lock?

You will be able to test a laptop lock before buying, for sure. If I were you, I would test it for sturdiness as much as possible. Do everything short of trying to break it. Well, you can try to break it, but you’ll be wasting money if you do end up breaking it! Then again, this way, you know NOT to buy that particular laptop lock. Don’t focus only on the wire itself - they usually are very sturdy - but also check the lock mechanism.

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Is the Laptop Lock Compatible with Your Laptop?

In many cases, laptop locks are designed to fit most laptop models. However, there is always that chance that the laptop lock you are looking at is not compatible with your particular laptop. The solution is simple: when you go out to buy your laptop lock, bring your laptop with you so that you can try it out on the spot! Laptop locks may cost a little bit of money, but if it is your habit to go take your laptop with you and use it in coffee shops, the investment might very well be worth it. After all, you never know when thieves might strike!

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