The computer company that once was on the verge of bankruptcy reached the apex of its success in 2011 by becoming the most valuable company on Wall Street, even if it was just for a few days. Powered by products like the iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple has continued to sell and reinvent products like the phone, MP3 player and tablet computer. The support for its products can be seen in schools throughout the country, in offices and in homes. As products begin to age, more and more people look to get rid of their old iPhones and iPods. Some choose to donate their products to family members or friends, while others look to make a profit off of their once aged devices.

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What To Do With Old iPhone and iPods

Give Your Old Device Away

It’s no secret that Apple products cost a bit more than their competitors, and paying retail for a new iPhone may come at a $600 price tag (without a contract). You might be due for an upgrade and may want to discard your old iPhone 3GS for a shiny new iPhone 4S. While you have considered selling your old phone for your own personal gain, you have taken the high road and decided that a friend or family member could use it. You may have bought the best iphone 3gs case for you old phone, or decked it out in a cool skin, but now, your once close companion will make someone else very happy. If you feel generous, you can even authorize the new users to use all the apps, music and videos you bought on your old phone (of course, this requires a few additional steps to stop iTunes from wiping the data).

Public Auction

Public auctions give you great cash for your old device. The condition, model and market value will determine how much you get, but hey, some money for an old phone is better than no money. Even if you have a first-generation device, you can still fetch at least $20 for it. If you find yourself not being able to sell the device on an auction site, you might want to throw in your barely used ipod cases and skins to sweeten the deal.


Perhaps on of the best forms of gaining money for an old iPhone or iPod would be to find a website or company that offers trade-in-deals for your old device. You can typically get a hundred or more dollars for a used iPhone, but there’s a catch: most companies will only accept devices containing no cracks. If you have a cracked iPhone or iPod, you are better off selling the device on an auction website or simply giving it away.