With the popularity of social interaction on the Internet I have found that I have a passion for sharing my activities online. I have become one of the social networking fans and each day I am taking to my profiles to let people know what I am up to, my thoughts and activities and I also use them to widen my social horizons. I am not one full of fear, I like to meet new people and I have found that by doing so I have managed to make new friends and learn a lot about the world around me.

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The Social Side of Online Gaming

Playing for Fun and Playing for Real

Since I have been using Facebook and Twitter I have also discovered a heap of new hobbies and interest that until now lay undiscovered. One of these is my love for poker which started from a simple application which I downloaded onto my Facebook profile. I found that not only was it a great way of learning new skills and passing the time, it also became a social activity where I would meet and converse with players from all over the world.

I gradually mastered the game online but without real money being involved, pretend chips were used, I gradually found the application to be quite limited. I was ready to play for real and so I hunted down one of the popular poker websites which would help me to grow as a player, pick up more skills and hopefully win some money.

Something Lacking in the Game

The first site I found was good but I found that one thing was lacking and it greatly affected my enjoyment of the game. The problem was the lack of social interaction. When I do well or terribly for that matter I do like to be able to share my experiences across the board. It is a great way to keep in touch with people I have met while playing the game and sparks great conversations. It is kind of like having access to a community and I find that really important.

Large Social Following Led Me to the Right Website

A friend of mine started then started to share his games of poker on his Twitter page so I decided to give the website a go myself. What really impressed me was the site wonders would often reply to many of their players which actually gave me a lot of confidence in their customer services as well as the social possibilities that were being offered.

Another point which is worth mentioning is the fact that the poker site had a large amount of followers on their Twitter profile and on Facebook too. As a believer in social networking I find that having so many supporters gives me a lot more confidence in the service and the level of gameplay which is available. Combine that with an active profile which is regularly updated and I think I am definitely on to a winner.

Video Streaming

After signing up to the new site I discovered that I had finally found the best place to play and to mingle with others. One of the main features which have really appealed to me is the fact that the big games are filmed and streamed onto YouTube. Watching the big name players at work is a great way of picking up tips and improving on your own game so this is a feature which has really become a definite positive to me. I share these games on my social profiles too, and who knows perhaps one day I will be featured on one myself.