Shredder is one of the most important office gadget. It is one of the most useful office device but also one of the most irritating one, thanks to all those regular jamming in shredders and noise of the running motor. There are few shredders available in the market which claims to have the anti-jam features but they do not work properly. But now there is a shredder which will surely let you get rid of all those jamming and other problems of the usual paper shredders.

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Fellowes 79Ci  is a high tech and feature rich paper shredder which will solve all your shredding related problems. 79Ci is a personal shredder which you can use in your home, office or anywhere you want according to your needs.

Few of the highlighted features of Fellowes 79Ci are given below.

100% Jam Proof

Fellowes 79Ci is a 100% jam proof shredder. It uses the intelligent technology and a very sophisticated sensor at the throat of the shredder which measures the thickness of the paper stack and prevents a paper jam automatically even before it occurs actually.

The smart anti-jamming technology detects when the paper has been mis-fed or fast-fed into the shredder. The Fellowes 79Ci then, just reverse the paper for the easy removal or just finishes the tough task by turbo-powering.

Cross-Cit Technology

Fellowes 79Ci cuts the single sheet of paper into 399 pieces. So, it is next to impossible to bring the paper pieces back together. You get the perfect task execution every time with the Fellowes 79Ci.

SilentShred® Technology

Nobody likes the sound of a motor, specially at a workplace where all you want is a peaceful environment. The SilentShred® technology  used in the Fellowes 79Ci, makes the shredder work silently without irritating anyone with the sound of the running motor.

SafeSense® Technology

SafeSense® is the patented technology used in Fellowes 79Ci for the safety of the user. Whenever somebody touches the paper opening, the smart safety sensor detects it and stops the process of shredding for the user safety.

Few other impressive features of Fellowes 79Ci shredder are :

- It can shred continuously up to 12 minutes.

- It can shred 14 sheets per pass into 3.9 x 38mm cross-cut particles

- Fellowes 79Ci is having an easy-empty 23 litre pull-out bin

Fellowes 79Ci shredder is available at the retail price of $239.99 . If you are planning to bring a new shredder to your home or office then, Fellowes 79Ci is the best option as it is having the most exciting features. 

Feel free to speak your mind about the features of Fellowes 79Ci in the Comments section below. And if you are the proud owner of a 79Ci paper shredder then, we would love to know your experience too.