Thanks to our computers, smartphones , tablets, or even gaming consoles that we have access to the network and multiple services and content, however, it may seem that technology is accessible to everyone and sometimes it is not because there are some barriers that prevent people with disabilities to operate a mouse, read the contents of a page or operate a keyboard.

When we talk about accessibility , indeed, speak of the extent to which any person may use a system or access a service regardless of their technical skills, cognitive or physical, in this field, manufacturers and application developers have much to contribute. Samsung , for example, has shown this week eyeCan project, a project they are developing to handle the mouse of a computer through eye movement.

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eyeCan : The Eye-Controlled Mouse by Samsung

Although these projects really are not new and have had the opportunity to see some similar or even some who bet on controller systems by brain waves , the Samsung eyeCan seems a very interesting project because this Korean company is about to release the developed software and documentation for the system so it can serve as a basis to anyone who wants to develop their own solutions, therefore, that a system with a free software will be a joy.

The idea has materialized through the efforts of five researchers from the Laboratory of Creativity by Samsung, that is, the ideas factory of the company, with the goal of designing a system that could help people from suffering any paralysis or mobility impairments preventing them from driving a conventional mouse. This guys have been testing this project and uploading and posting online videos of it in use on YouTube over the last few months and now they are ready to release the software and documentation to develop their own solution.

To this end, they designed a system (which is mounted on goggles) that allows the user to handle the mouse pointer by moving their eyes and also perform some special actions such as, for example, look around in Google Street View. These glasses have a small camera and an infrared detector which follow the movement of the eyes.

Samsung has decided to commercialize the system in kit from low cost to anyone who needs this system can access it by purchasing the system for a price of 33 Euros, or approximately $43.

A very interesting project and, above all, a nice gesture from Samsung to democratize access to technology.

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