As so many families have seen the equity in their homes fall, one of the responses has been to hunker down and ride out the dropping property value storm until it passes. Keeping our homes in good condition has become more important than ever, and a lot of us don't have the extra cash on hand to hire out the work.

Welcome to the world of Do-It-Yourselfers

Fortunately, just as we've seen property values plunge, we've seen the number of free apps skyrocket. With the 9 free DIY apps to help you repair your home that we discuss here, you can keep your castle in great shape and even make some improvements that will help you preserve or increase the value of your property.

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9 Free DIY iPhone Apps to Help You Repair Your Home

9 Free DIY iPhone Apps to Help You Repair Your Home

1. Figure out Your Flooring

With Suresh Desu's Carpet & Floor Calculator you can easily determine how much flooring material you will need. Plus, you can input the cost of various flooring types to see what kind of hit your charge card is going to take. If you plan on hiring someone to help you out, that cost can also be included in your calculations.

2. How Will That Flooring Look?

If the carpet has been ruined in your living room for example, and you want to make the change to a hardwood floor, with the Hardwood Flooring Design app you can see what your finished room will look like. Use your smartphone to snap a photo of your room. The app then gets busy laying down a virtual version of your new hardwood floor. With so many great hardwood flooring materials available to the DIYer today, this is a great app to have.

3. Stay on the Straight Path

9 Free DIY iPhone Apps to Help You Repair Your Home - iHandy Level Free

The iHandy Level app was one of the early apps that wowed us all when we first saw it. It's just as practical as it is awe inspiring. With it you can keep all your carpentry repairs at their proper angles. Being a DIYer is a fine and noble thing, but you don't want your repairs to look like they were done by a beginning DIYer.

4. Be Cool with Your Heating Costs

You have a lot of options when it's time to replace your heating and cooling system. Matching your new equipment to your needs is vitally important. If your new system is either too small or too large, you'll suffer costly inefficiencies. With this free BTU Heater Calculator app you enter information about your structure—its exposure, size, building materials and insulation, for example—and find out exactly how many BTUs it will require.

5. Drain Your Sink, not Your Bank Account

Every day I see a van parked somewhere in my neighborhood with a name like "Drain Klog Killer" painted on its side. These clog busters usually cost about $100 each time they make a house call. With this free app Clog Doctor - Powered By Drano you can figure out how to fix your own drain problems.

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9 Free DIY iPhone Apps to Help You Repair Your Home - Benjamin-Moore, BEHR, Sherwin-Willliams

6. Match Those Colors Perfectly

Often when you've done some wall repairs, you find yourself in a situation where you need to match existing colors. Many of the biggest and most popular paint companies have apps that will help you do this. ColorSnap by Sherwin-Willliams, Benjamin-Moore and ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile are popular. You snap a photo of the color you want to match and the app finds the color in the paint company's catalog. Typically they will also suggest complimentary colors if you're trying to come up with a new paint scheme.

7. Talk Over Your Problems

So many times when we're in the middle of a home repair project we seem to run into unusual problems that are difficult to puzzle out. The House Repair Talk Mobile Application is like having a home repair expert at your side ready to give you some free advice. This free app combines social networking with home repair. You can search forums and post your own questions. There's a very good chance that you aren't the first person to face the problem you're trying to solve.

We expect to see many more apps targeted to the DIYer in the coming months. Let us know which ones have been most valuable to you.