A screen capture tool is one of the most useful applications available for your computer. The purpose of a screen capture tool is to save a screenshot or video from your computer screen. Whether you are a student preparing homework to show your instructor or a business preparing a presentation, a screen capture tool has the ability to help you meet your goals in a more eye-catching and professional manner. Here are just a few options available to you:

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  • Screenflow

    Screenflow is video screen capture software with built-in editing capabilities. The software, created especially for the Mac, is easy to use and lets you compile video, audio, music, text and other imagery. The software is simple enough for the novice user, but packs enough punch for a professional business presentation.
  • Video Converter Ultimate

    This screen capture tool made by Wondershare is a dream tool for anybody looking to create the ultimate video. This all-in-one tool allows you to convert video into most formats meaning less problems for the user. You can even convert a video to 3-D, giving you an experience that few screen capture tools can provide. This means that you can take any video and upload it to your PC and have it formatted to play back on almost any type of device.
  • iShowU HD Pro

    iShowU HD Pro is one of the more powerful video screen capturing tools available. The product is focused on speed and can capture high-end video, especially video games and other graphic-intensive applications. The tool also includes real-time super-fast scaling and instant captures, so this is a real asset for a heavier screen capture user.
  • iShowU v1

    This software application is a more simple version of iShowU HD Pro. Although it doesn’t include the major intense features of the Pro version, it is very suitable for your basic user. This tool is largely for those looking to develop demos, presentations and other tutorials. With a load of presets available, you can be up and running in no time.