Computers are both a blessing and a curse. When they are working correctly, they offer so much convenience that we become dependent on them . . . so that when they crash, it can feel like the whole world is crashing down. (If you've ever lost ten pages of a term paper - that you failed to back up - two days before its due date, then you know how true this is.) Unfortunately, computer problems can be just as costly as they are aggravating. Thinking about skipping on the computer repair specialist and fixing your own computer? Well maybe you need to think again, MacGyver. Here are five signs you should not attempt your own computer repairs:

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5 Signs You Should Not Attempt Your Own Computer Repairs

5 Signs You Should Not Attempt Your Own Computer Repairs

You Broke Your Remote Control, Trying to Fix It

Okay, you were trying to replace the batteries. Also - that toaster oven that sits behind cabinet doors, where no one can see it? You "fixed" that too . . . so well that it now burns toast at warp speed. Get where this is going? If you are simply not adept at repairing things, then you should for no reason attempt to repair the complex electronics of your computer.

Your Computer and Its Parts Are Still Under Warranty

This is a no-brainer. Have a specialist fix your computer if you can do so at no cost to you, smarty pants. (Also, keep in mind that going into your computer yourself can actually void some warranties that cover certain computer components. Don't take that risk.)

It's Possible that You Could Make Things Worse

You think it's bad now. Just wait until you get your magic fingers on the problem, which you don't necessarily understand, and mess up your computer even more.

Your Computer Is Begging You Not To

Okay, so your computer doesn't actually "talk" to you (or does it?) . . . but it can send you some pretty clear signals that you should be taking it in to a specialist. If you are getting error messages that make no sense to you, or that sound especially menacing, it's best to let a professional have a look-see.

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You Threw Your Last computer Out of the Window

Computer repairs can be complicated and time-consuming. If you have an anger management problem, and/or lack the patience to delve into such a tedious undertaking as a computer repair can be, then you should stay away from your broken computer and let a professional handle the stress of the job.

Fixing a computer is serious business. If you can't fill the shoes of a computer repair specialist, then you should not try filling your computer with your handiwork.