The new Apple TV boasts features that could keep the average internet-enthused coach potato satisfied for hours and even days on end. One such feature available on the revolutionary Apple TV is AirPlay, a device designed to mirror iPad displays onto the TV screen. If you are a fan of streaming video then AirPlay is a clear winner straight from the box. AirPlay also allows users to view photos, browse the internet and view other iPad apps right on the Apple TV. This powerful device is great for many apps, but some offer a better experience than others. Here is our list of the top five AirPlay-ready apps guaranteed to glue you to the screen.

Top 5 AirPlay-Ready iPad Apps for the Apple TV

1. YouTube

Top Five AirPlay-Ready iPad Apps for the Apple TV - YouTube

Okay, so we already know that YouTube brings users the most comprehensive database of internet clips that make daily life seem like a constant Tosh.0 episode. Accordingly, it should come to no surprise that YouTube tops our list as the most killer AirPlay-ready iPad app for the Apple TV. The great news for YouTube fans is that the days of brief videos are coming to an end. As Google continues to get serious about premium content, couch potatoes from around the world can anticipate longer-form videos to watch curled up on the couch in addition to the classic two-minute viral clips.

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2. Netflix

Best AirPlay-Ready iPad Apps for the Apple TV - Netflix

Netflix should be another obvious selection as this app is already killing it on the iPad without AirPlay. While Netflix is included on the Apple TV, the touch-and-type technology available on the iPad app clearly outdoes the tedious task of pointing the Apple TV remote at the screen. If you have a Netflix account, then expect a whole new movie-watching experience like never before. As a nonsubscriber, take our word for it that this killer AirPlay-ready app is nothing to pass up. We definitely suggest a membership – it’s just 8 bucks a month.

3. Boxee

Best AirPlay-Ready iPad Apps for the Apple TV - Boxee

The Apple TV lacks the external storage required to stream a ton of video files, but the Boxee iPad app features a Media Manager that corrects this problem. The Media Manager allows users to stream videos stored locally on the computer, although local video streaming is not the strong point of this killer AirPlay-ready iPad app. Boxee boasts a user interface that not only pulls videos shared by Facebook and Twitter friends, but also populates a “Watch Later” queue. Any time you stumble across a video you need to postpone until later, simply add it to the queue. The days of being too busy to watch great content are like dust in the wind.

4. ShowYou

Best AirPlay-Ready iPad Apps for the Apple TV - ShowYou

ShowYou is a powerful AirPlay-ready iPad app that combines the best of YouTube videos, social media and content categories galore. Picture a user interface a bit nicer than Boxee’s complete with a massive assortment of recently shared videos on a grid, all easily navigable by swiping down or left. Anticipate smooth YouTube integration, flawless social curation and the best of Design, Music, Comedy and other prominent categories.

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5. TED

Best AirPlay-Ready iPad Apps for the Apple TV - TED

A video-heavy iPad app, TED features the longer talks that allow users to kick back instead of hovering over the iPad searching for new short clips to view. Users will enjoy a user interface navigable by themes and tags as well as keywords and how recently a video hit the web. Best of all, TED allows users to save talks locally which obviously means that no streaming is necessary.