Google Maps is proven to be a very useful and hence popular application which is available on desktops, laptops or even mobile phones. If you are traveling in an unknown area or city, then Google Maps are there to help you for finding your desired destinations.

Purpose of Creating Google Maps

Creating custom maps is helpful in many ways on individual as well as business levels. It can help to find many places in the new city such as restaurants or tailors or just some picnic spots located in nearby areas. For business level, you can mark the places and areas for your business associates for marketing your products or can design different campaigns for different localities. You can even plan your journey or trips along with your friends by marking the spots with appropriate notes attached to each spot.

Sharing Information via Google Maps

Additional benefits of creating Personal Google Maps is that you can share the information with all or selected friends or business members so that you all can synchronize your efforts in the same direction. You can update others about the changes in the events at the particular location at the same time.

Let’s discuss the steps which are required to be followed for creating personal Google Maps with custom data, places and markers.

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How to Create Personal Google Maps with Custom Data, Places & Markers

1. The first step is to open the Google Maps interface by opening the website You will see the map of the world or the nation from which you are accessing the website.

2. When the maps interface is opened, you will see that your maps screen is divided in two parts. In the left pan you can see two buttons, and in the right pan, you will see the actual map.

How to Create Personal Google Maps with Custom Data, Places & Markers

3. Click on the button with name, “My Places” which is located in the left pan at upper side. After that you will see the “Create Map” button, click on it.

4. At this point of creating the persona maps you are required to be sign in the Google website with your Google Id. Remember that your email account details are sufficient to access all other Google applications.

5. After successfully signing in the Google website, you can see the map of your city or country in the right pan.

6. Now you have to choose the title which you wish to give to your personal map which could be something like “How to reach my home”. Now enter this in the title field on the form provided on the left side. You can also add some description to explain the purpose of creating the personal map.

How to Create Personal Google Maps with Custom Data, Places & Markers

7. It's turn to set the visibility of your personal Google Map so that only intended persons or all people can see the map. If you wish that all people can see the map, then keep the “Public” else select the other option named “Unlisted”.

8. Click on “Save” button and you have successfully completed the first formality.

9. Next step is to actually mark the map by using various tools like marker or line or select. You will see a new toolbar appeared on the screen at the top left corner of the map which contains all the above mentioned tools.

10. First place the marker tool on the starting point of your personal map and then keep dragging it till the destination via a road. You can create some more markers and tag them with proper notes.

That’s all required to create a personal Google Map with your own data on the Google Maps.

Summary - Creating Google Map for personal use can be very beneficial in many ways. You can inform your friends or colleagues in office about the venue of party or meeting along with the how to reach directions.

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