With technology evolving rapidly, our favourite gadgets and gizmos become outdated very soon. We use a phone or a laptop for barely a couple of years before discarding it in favour of the newest, shiniest model. What this does is add clutter to our houses.

Pull out your computer workstation's drawers and you are bound to come across an old phone or two. And if you are the sort who just tosses old and used cell phones into the garbage, you are just adding to the mountains of electronic waste harming the environment. Quite the conundrum, isn't it?

Well, now you have a solution. If you want to replace your old cell phone with the latest and fastest smartphone on the block, why not sell it? You will not only get some cash that you can put towards buying your new phone, but you will also have the satisfaction of ensuring that your phone gets reused, helping the environment.

HOW TO : Sell Old Cell Phone Online at the Best Price

There are many places you can sell your old phones off. However, these bring their own set of disadvantages. Auction sites? You never know how reliable the buyer is, cases of sellers getting ripped off abound. Your local store? They are unlikely to offer you the best price. That is if they even want the cell phone you want to sell. Classified listings? Even more unreliable than auction sites!

So, what is a prospective cell phone seller like you to do? Well, if you have been trying to get rid of your old mobile phone, SellCell can help you out. SellCell, the best-known site for selling old cell phones, is the US's largest service of its kind.


SellCell connects sellers such as yourself to buyers from across the world. Using it to sell off your old cell phone is a painless and easy experience:
  1. Select the cellphone brand and model you want to sell.
  2. Select a buyer.
  3. Submit your details and note down the packing instructions
  4. Mail your phone.
  5. Wait for the cash!

SellCell has several advantages over traditional outlets such as eBay or your local retailer. Some of the best reasons for getting rid of your cell phone on SellCell are:
  1. A wide range of models are listed, you are bound to find your phone here.
  2. No need to look for individual buyers. SellCell connects you!
  3. You can even sell your non-working phones off for up to 90% of the working price.
  4. Price quotes on SellCell are valid for two weeks, so you can compare elsewhere.
  5. You rarely have to send the charger off, you can reuse it!

Looking at the above pros, preferring SellCell.com to sell your cell phone over any other method seems to be a no-brainer. Why go through the trouble of setting up an online auction or taking time off to visit your local store. Just log on to SellCell, select your phone and buyer, and you're good to go!