Google released its recent Penguin update and turned the search engine optimization world upside down. This update was meant to reduce the spam that shows up in the search results, while benefiting quality content. Unfortunately, this also raised a whole new issue called negative SEO. Sites that have been affected by the Penguin update will need to understand what happened, if they caused the issues and know the way to overcome this dreadful update.

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How To Recover From The Recent Penguin Updates

What Happened

Although Google is rather cryptic with the way their updates work, some have started to dig into the reasons why sites fell in the rankings. did a massive study and found that anchor text diversity has a direct correlation on a website's ranking after the Penguin update. Sites that had an oversaturation of links with the same exact anchor text saw dramatic losses in rankings. However, websites that had a 50 percent or under "money keyword" anchor text were virtually unaffected. This means that when building links, a person will need to make sure 50 percent have main keywords as anchor texts. The other 50 percent can include long-tail keywords and natural words such as: click here, visit here, this site and so on.

The same site suggests that links from sites that do not have relevant content also affects rankings. However, data also suggests that a good mix of links from relevant niches and non-relevant niches has a good impact on rankings. This also means that the time of placing links into random articles is no longer working. Everything should be somewhat relevant. Placing a link for a travel site inside of a video game article will now be frowned upon.

What Not To Do

The time has come to change the old habits of SEO and start down a new, Google friendly, path. This means that we can no longer take shortcuts to achieve the great rankings we used to. Blog networks that worked great for the past few years have all be de-indexed and are all but useless. Even joining new networks that eventually become de-indexed can have very negative effects on a website. Spun content, spam comments, massive profile links and the link are all ways to negatively affect the rankings of a site. However, natural profile links and comments on relevant blogs are still beneficial.

Those who believe that an article or website must have a super high keyword density will also need to change their ways. Google wants everything to be as natural as possible. This means that when writing an article, make it beneficial for the reader and not the search engines. It will be better for the readers of your site and even your traffic. It is better to rely on frequent visitors to your site because they will still be around when the next update occurs.

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How To Recover From The Recent Penguin Updates

What To Do

Google has mentioned that they want websites to grow naturally. However, there are many great websites that have virtually no traffic to their sites. Why does this happen? This happens because no one can find them in the search engines. Giving the search engines the right signals will boost a website's rankings and hopefully bring in quality traffic. In fact, SEOmoz recently posted an article on how to get great backlinks naturally.

The natural way to get links is by creating viral content or "link bait" that users naturally want to share. Infographics are great for these kinds of links because Internet users love data. Guest blogging is also a great way to bring quality links to a website. These links will be niche specific and bring targeted traffic right to your website. For those just getting started with their websites, there are a few easy ways to get your site noticed including:
  • Article Syndication
  • Blog Directories
  • Niche Directories
  • Relevant Blog Comments
  • RSS Directories

These simple links will bring quality traffic to a site and build a nice link portfolio as well. Remember, Google wants everything to be natural. If a website has a lot of diversity in their link building efforts, varied anchor texts and more natural links, they will withstand the most vicious updates.

Sites that have been affected by the update will have to build quality links continually to their sites and try removing any "bad" links. However, this is not always plausible. Building new quality links with an appropriate link velocity has shown to bring a sites rankings back. This means that building a few links on a daily basis is better than building a thousand at one time. Naturally this does not happen unless your content goes viral. If your link portfolio is clean, meaning you have never engaged in your own link building, a Google site reconsideration may help you. There are many people who lost their rankings and did not deserve to. Letting Google know, may increase your chances of reviving your website.

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