For a business struggling with startup costs, outsourcing SEO work for a website can be an effective method of cutting costs without reducing quality. SEO is essential for gaining traffic, and while the field may seem simple enough on the surface, the fact is that it is a dynamic, rapidly changing area with many major trends emerging in the last few months and several more set to emerge in the next few.

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Quality Content

Search engine developments like Google’s Panda, where websites that publish useless content are downgraded are another trend that is expected to continue. A search engine’s bread and butter is the quality of the links it serves up to its userbase. This makes the publication of content that is actually useful an important factor in how much traffic a website gets. The days of manipulating search engines using tactics like keyword stuffing, swapping links, and link baiting are largely over. Website owners will need to worthwhile content as a part of their SEO link building efforts.

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Best SEO Trends for 2012 - Quality Content

Social Networking

Social Networks are already showing up in search engine results more than ever before, and this is expected to continue as the search engines seek out more reliable sources of information. This means that SEO will also require a lot of optimization for social media as well.

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Best SEO Trends for 2012 - social media seo

Local Search

The localization of the Internet was one of the trends emerging in late 2011 and it is expected to continue throughout 2012 as local businesses seek to draw in customers using location-based social networks like Foursquare. With these networks a person can comment on a local business or service and have their comment visible to anyone in their circle of contacts. This means that the business may find it necessary to use location-based social networking as a part of their SEO strategy. This means catering to local searchers and offering coupons to the users of certain networks, among other things.

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Google +

Google’s answer to Facebook is expected to make a major surge in 2012 and therefore will have to form a major part of any company’s SEO strategy. This, along with the increased search engine emphasis on social networks in search engine results, means that a business with any kind of web-presence will have to begin focusing on these as a part of improving their rankings in the search engine results.

Best SEO Trends for 2012 - Google Plus

Content Curation

This term became more prominent in 2011 and is set to be another major trend in 2012 as human-compiled lists of links become an even more important part of website link building strategy. With humans seeking out, compiling and editing content (as opposed to the same job being done by software), there will also be a need for quality content. The goal will be to get links onto the relevant lists along with links to other similar content that users find especially useful and worthy of being saved and/or shared. This means that the content on a website will have to be useful enough to be saved by a curator.


Yes, after all these years, blogging is still an important part of the best SEO strategy for a website. Websites that combine both blogging and social networking will also be important factors in a website’s SEO link building tactics.

Best SEO Trends for 2012 - Blogging

In most cases, getting to the top of the search engine rankings is hard work and is not normally for beginners. In most cases, for an effective SEO marketing strategy it will be necessary to hire experts, which can be costly, but outsourcing services can dramatically reduce the cost of implementing SEO strategy. The outsourcing services India provides are especially affordable in many instances.