In today’s world, social networking has become hugely popular. The youth of today has almost become addicted to social networking, and the extent of the impact has triggered significant results in terms of connecting with people over the internet. In the past 5 years, Facebook has dominated the social networking industry with its increased and flawless usability and user friendliness. Though Facebook is extremely popular, we cannot ignore the most recent social networking site, Google Plus, since it is the product of the most popular site, Google.

Many SEO specialists and webmasters are utilizing Google Plus as a tool to increase their traffic and maximize their recognition and future profits. Thus, Google Plus serves as a necessary implement when it comes to attracting traffic and gaining credence, as well as global recognition.

What Google +1 Can Do to Increase Traffic?

There is a strong influence by Google +1 on search engines because of the exciting aspects; it has in the near future. If things function as intended, Google can possibly jump your blog posts by innumerable pages, for instance, from currently being at page 40 to page 1. Therefore, even if your blog post lacks SEO, when a person in your Google +1 group searches wherever your article is in the search result list, it will jump into the first page. Google plus is a remarkable tool as it can help create a Google plus page to your blog and can connect with the people who follow your blog and increase the scope of potential followers of your blog.

Also within Google +1, Google has created a section specifically for viewing, editing, and managing multimedia features and desired settings. Another feature of Google plus, which has gained prominence, is “Hangouts,” Google’s new group chat feature. Instead of asking a friend to join a group, users can click on the “start a hangout” facility, and they end up quickly in a video chat room just.

Increase Traffic to Your Blog using Google Plus

Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog using Google Plus

Here, are some tips:

- For this first, you need to create a profile by putting personal information and links to your website.

- In order to, increase the number of people who follow your blog in Google plus you must add more people to your circle. Adding more people is the initial step that allows you to go ahead and succeed in generating desired network traffic.

- Given the topic, an appropriate and appealing title or caption followed by the link to your article helps attract traffic if there are enough members added in your Google plus profile.

- Another way of attracting traffic is by giving your article or blog heading a catchy question, which in turn would automatically prompt them to click on your link and explore. Adopting this technique to create awareness and promote your article would result in your link being clicked and visited by many people. People in your listing can highlight the link in your status message thereby directly influencing attention of your link.

- By utilizing images on the walls of friends and fans, one can effectively increase web traffic. Upload the pictures related to your articles and share with some of your friends in the circle this will help you to gain back links to your website.

One thing that is to be kept in mind is that, by adding too many people to your list, your account could be frozen because of spamming. So, add the right people who would be interested in your article and potentially follow your blog.