The quote "There is an app for that" is one of the truest statement ever. There is a smartphone app available for nearly everything these days. Many people used to think that smartphone apps are limited to the mobile games, social media and some productivity apps. But now many apps are available which can even help you in having a good health.

I have published few of those health related apps earlier and recently, came to know about the 1-800 CONTACTS app. It is the combination of the shopping app and the health app. If you do not know, is the world's largest contact lens store and now they are out with their official iPhone app.

Using the 1-800 CONTACTS iPhone app, you can buy a contact lens in just few steps. The app is having a nice Lensgauge feature which informs the users when it is the time to replace your contact lens to avoid any issue with your eyes.

Lensgauge to check when your lens expires

Few of the highlighted features of the app are given below.

• The 1-800 CONTACTS iPhone app is having a GPS-based search option using which you can search for a local eye doctor

• You can scan the barcode printed on your contact lens box to upload your prescription. You do not even need to type anything.

• You can also upload the pic of your paper prescription if you are not having the contact lens box and the 1-800 CONTACTS will ship you the contact lenses.

• You can also import your doctor’s information directly from your Address Book to the app.

• For the payment, you can just scan your credit card using the camera of your cell phone or just use PayPal.

• Reordering from your 1-800 CONTACTS account is really using this app and you can place a reorder in just 3 taps.

As you can see, if you are a contact lens user then, 1-800 CONTACTS iPhone app is designed specially for you. And one of the best thing is that this nice app is totally free to download and use. So, just give it a try. You will love it for sure.