To improve the quality of the search results, Google uses the current location of the user and shows the search results according to that. Due to this, when you try to open the in your browser then, it redirects to the country specific website of Google.

It is good when you are trying to get more specific results from your region but it can affect the search results negatively if you want to get the international or more generic results for any reason. But using a simple trick, you can open the instead of the country specific version of the Google.

There are two methods which you can use to stop Google from opening the country specific Google website on the browser.

HOW TO : Stop Google from Redirecting to Country-specific Site

1. Instead of the, type the URL in the web browser and hit Enter .

NCR stands for No Country Redirection. As the name suggests it stops Google to redirect to its country specific website by leaving a cookie in your web browser. So from the next time, you do not need to type this URL again. It will automatically open the only. If you want to switch to the country specific Google website again then, just delete the cookies from your web browser.

2. Visit the Google homepage. If you see the country specific Google webpage then, scroll down the page and look at the bottom links. At the extreme right hand side, you will find a link "" as shown in the image below.

Click on the link and it will perform the same task as the Google NCR URL. Your page will be changed to and the link of the country specific Google will come to the bottom. If you ever wanna switch again then, just click on the link at the page footer.