QR code is one of the most popular trend now. You can see them on newspaper, product boxes, websites, business cards and nearly everywhere. QR codes are easy to generate and useful to share the data.

There are lots of nice websites to generate QR codes for you. Usually QR codes are black and white patterns. But now there is a QR code generator using which you can create a QR code of your own image and can create a colorful QR code on any image of your choice. Sounds interesting? Then just follow the steps given below to create a QR code of your own image, business brand logo etc.

HOW TO : Create Colorful QR Code of Your Own Image

1. First of all, Go to Visualead.com and signup for an account.

2. After that, click on the "Create" link on the top navigation menu.

3. Select an image from your computer of which you would like to make QR code. You can also select an image from hundreds of images available on the Visualead gallery.

4. On the next page, select the QR code type and fill details for it. You will get different types of options to put in your QR code. Here I am selecting the logo of Geeky Stuffs and URL of it to use in the QR code.

5. The next step is to place the QR code on the image. You can either select the entire image or can place the QR code on a particular position. You can also edit the background of QR code if you want.

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6. Click the "Next" button and select the type of service you want for your newly generated QR code. You can select the free or paid versions according to your needs.

7. Select the desired resolution for the image of generated QR code image and download it on your computer.

Now you are having a colored custom QR code of your own image which you can use anywhere you want. It is really a nice QR code generator for business cards as you can make a custom QR code of your brand logo or yourself for more professionalism.