Images are an important part of any website and blog post. The Internet is having billions of images available on it but you can not use all of them for personal use as many of them are copyrighted.

Many people use the Google Image search to get the images and use them on their blog posts which is not a good way. The image owners can cause legal threats to you if you use their copyrighted images without their permission.

To avoid this, you can buy the images legally from any stock image selling websites or can create an image for your blog posts by yourself. But what if you do not want to spend money or time to get images for your blog posts?

You can use the available Creative Commons images on Flickr with proper attribution to the image owner or get some free stock images for your blog posts. And the good news is that now you can easily find the free stock images from the Google Drive. Just follow the steps given below to get the free stock images for your blog posts from Google Drive.

HOW TO : Get Free Stock Images for Blog Posts from Google Drive

1. Visit the Google Drive page (

2. Click on the "Create" option available in the left sidebar. From the dropdown menu, click on the "Document" as shown in the image below.

3. A new tab will be opened for creating a document on Google Drive. Now click on the "Insert" and from the options shown in the dropdown menu, click on the "Image".

4. Now click on the "Search" option in the left sidebar.

5. Out of the three options available to search images, click on the "Stock Images". You can also select it from the dropdown menu. Type the keyword in the search box for which you want to search image and hit "Enter" as shown in the above image.

6. You will get the free stock images available in Google Drive for that keyword. Just click on an image of your choice and then, click the "Select" button.

7. The popup window will be closed and the selected image will be inserted in the document you are creating. "Right Click" on the image and select "Copy Image URL". Now direct link the image on your blog post. You can also save the image on your computer and use it later in your blog posts and website.