If you are a blogger or webmaster then, it is always nice to get feedback from your readers and customers. So far, the only way to get the website visitor's feedback was by the comments, via contact forms or on social media. But now you can add voicemail to your website using which readers can send you voicemails to you right from your website and Facebook page.

Just follow the steps given below to add the voicemail to your blog and Facebook page.

HOW TO : Add Voicemail to Your Blog and Facebook Page

1. Go to SpeakPipe.com and signup for an account.

2. After signing up, you will have three options to use the voicemail - to add voicemail to your website, to Facebook page and to create a dedicated voicemail page.

HOW TO : Add Voicemail to Your Blog or Website

3. Visit the Settings page and click on the "Website Widget" tab. Now, click on the type of blogging platform you are using for your blog and follow the instructions given. If your blogging platform is not mentioned then, click on the "Other" and follow the instructions.

For Blogger blogs, voicemail gadgets are available but there is no plugin for Wordpress. You will have to put the code manually in the widget.

4. Once the voicemail is added to your blog. A new widget will appear on the sidebar of your blog. When a visitor click on it, a popup window will appear which will guide the visitor about leaving the voice message to you.

HOW TO : Add Voicemail on Facebook Page

5. Go to Settings and click on the "Facebook Page" tab.

6. Click on the "Add to My Facebook Page" button.

7. In the next step, select the Facebook page on which you want to add the voicemail. You can select multiple Facebook pages at a time. After selecting the Facebook pages, click on the "Add Page Tab" button.

8. Now, you will find a new tab on your Facebook page. Clicking on it will open the tab and will work in the same manner as the voicemail widget on your blog.

HOW TO : Make Dedicated Voicemail Page for Your Website

9. Click on the "Voicemail Page" tab on the Settings page.

10. Select a custom URL for your dedicated voiecmail page. You can also add a pic, bio, display name, welcome message etc to personalize your voicemail page. When all done, save the settings.

11. Now, just share the custom URL of your voicemail page to your readers. Clicking on it will open your voicemail page where readers will be able to record their message to you.

Whenever there is a new voicemail to you from your blog, you will get a notification email. Then, just login to your SpeakPipe account and check all your voice messages from your readers. You can edit the voicemail widget's appearance from the Settings page according to your need and to personalize it.

The best thing about this nice widget is that it let you know that the message was sent from which page of your blog or website. So if you are having an e-commerce site or an affiliate blog then, it can really help you in increasing your conversion.