Those looking to boost the social media presence have a number of different options available to them. One of the most sought after signs of social media prowess however is always going to be the humble Facebook Like.

Should you find yourself with enough of them, you can look forward to looking a lot more credible in the eyes of those that visit your site or blog. After all, each Like represents an individual person that has checked out your product or service and enjoyed doing so.

They also act as a sort of social media equivalent to RSS subscribers by allowing you to send updates directly to Facebook news feeds. And when you consider the amount of time that the average user spends on Facebook, that's not a bad place to be sending updates to.

Should you be interested in amassing more Likes for your blog or business, here are ten tips that should get you moving in the right direction.

Top Ten Tips For Getting More Facebook Likes

Top Ten Tips For Getting More Facebook Likes

Ask for Them

First off, if you want Likes, never be afraid to ask for them. Simply including “Please like our Facebook Page” on your website or blog has been proven to seriously increase the number of Facebook Page Likes that you receive. There's nothing desperate about it, everyone likes to be appreciated.

Use Attention Grabbing Icons

Almost every website includes social sharing buttons nowadays. The average web user has therefore grown so accustomed to seeing them that they often go unnoticed. To avoid this, it's important for you to use unique, attention grabbing icons. There's more than one way to add an F to your site.

Place Your Icons Carefully

Put some thought into where you place your Like buttons. It's also worth noting that they are not as distracting as advertisements. There is therefore no need to limit yourself. The following three places are known to be highly effective:

  • Above the fold on your homepage.
  • Below every post/article
  • In your websites sidebar.

Ask Your Twitter Followers

If somebody has enjoyed following you on Twitter, they should be more than happy to Like you on Facebook too. Take the time to send a quick Tweet asking your followers to Like your Facebook page. It also wouldn't hurt to invite those who Like you on Facebook to follow you on Twitter.

Offer a Free Gift

Everyone likes free stuff. Give visitors to your site a reason to Like your page by offering them a free gift in return. Even a simple, five page e-book will boost the number of Likes that you receive.

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Offer an Exclusive Discount

Another subtle form of bribery can be employed if you are running any kind of e-commerce website. Offer all those who Like your Facebook page a small discount off your products. Doing so might even lead to a boost in sales too.

Use Interesting Apps

Don't just send people to your Facebook timeline when they click on one of your Like buttons. Instead provide them interesting contents in the form of various Facebook apps for the Pages. If you post interesting pictures and videos then you can make them appear right below the Facebook page banner to attract visitors. Landing pages were designed to increase conversions, your Facebook timeline sadly is not. So, you have to work a bit extra now to increase the conversion.

Make Use of Your Signatures

Though the online signature is getting popularity, an email signatures are well known for being effective at garnering clicks and Facebook Likes are no exception. Every piece of correspondence that you send out should include an invitation to Like your Facebook page. And don't forget about forum posting, if it has space for a signature, it's an opportunity to increase the number of Likes you have.

Annotate Your Videos

If you promote your site or blog using YouTube, you should be annotating your YouTube videos with an invitation to Like you. Studies have shown that web users are significantly more inclined to Like video than they are text. The same logic applies to any video that you happen to use on your own site too.

Advertise on Facebook

Finally, if you really want a lot of Facebook Likes, you can pay for them. One option is to purchase them outright but many people consider this to be a little dishonest. A more honest approach is to simply pay to advertise your Facebook page on Facebook itself. Advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective means of acquiring serious numbers of Likes fast. It also happens to be one of the most hassle free.