More and more internet users now look for security, due to the rising threats and scams over the web. This has given birth to the VPN service, which is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network.

VPN can be defined as the secure method of communication from one point to the other by the use of a public network. In other words, this network technology makes a secure network connection over either the internet or the private network by any service provider.

It ensures speed, ease and flexibility in use. VPN offers the facility to manage any number of sites, as per the requirements. It also provides the user anonymity over the internet, if required.

VPN is chiefly used to protect the privacy, be it on a LAN or on a public hotspot, for anonymity while browsing web and such. It helps the user to hide the actual IP address, if required, enables you to overcome geographical block for some of the websites, offers a secured connection for all programs that you access, offers protection against ISP as well as to overcome any blocks for ISP or VOIP applications similar to SKYPE and more.

This method is reported to be offered at very reasonable prices or even free. In the meantime, we can look at some of the best VPNs, which are offered for free.

Top 10  Best Free VPN Services

10 Best Free VPN Services

Let us first look at UltraVPN created on OpenVPN and it is a free VPN client/server SSL VPN solution. This offers secrecy for your network connection, thus making it more secure. User will have to download and install it and use it with the help of the username and password, fed in.

Another one is the Anchor Free providing data with a cap of 10 GB usage per month. It is very easy to set up and use However; no mention was made of the speed.

Available at no cost, for non-commercial or personal use, the Logmein Hamachi VPN service offers safe communication without the need to set up any hardware. It is said to offer flexibility in network combining an SSL VPN with an IP-sec VPN service. It also provides web-based management, giving access to manage from anywhere or anytime.

Open VPN meanwhile is a SLL VPN service, providing the best protection and is highly reliable. Nevertheless, you have to set up client software to use it. It supports Windows, Linux and MAC.

Another VPN service that needs mentioning is the MacroVPN. It enables security on Wi-Fi spots and also offers 128bit PPTP encrypted Virtual Private Network Connection Service.

Those seeking security on home Internet network as well as Public Internet networks can now opt for the Hotspot Shield free VPN. It operates over both wired and wireless networks too. It offers safe and secured browsing for the whole session. It also helps you to protect your identity as well as provides safe and secured transactions via the HTTPS. To use it, you would have to download and set up client software.

Pro XPN, running on all regular connections provides the most secured connection. Sign up and download the software. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OSX.

You can also check out, Tunnel Bear, the most easy to use free VPN service. Offering a usage cap of 500MB for each day, it also comes in paid version costing $9. You can now alternate between UK and US servers, with its help.

One other popular free VPN service is Security Kiss with a usage limit of 300MB, daily, while the maximum speed limit offered up to 12.5 mbps, running only on windows platform. The paid version, priced at $6 onwards, supports Mac, Linux and phones, as well.

Finally, there is the Raptor VPN with PPTP and L2TP servers offering high encryption and data reliability. It is reported to be used with both client and clientless connections. User can also set up the Spotflux client software by feeding in the log in details to connect to the network.

We can conclude by noting the disadvantage for using free VPN service, in that it offers limited features as well as puts a cap on its usage or speed. At the same time, features supported by VPNs that cost money are definitely more.