While the holiday season is prime crafting season, some might not immediately think of this unique DIY project as being a great seasonal craft. While a smartphone projector is sure to be terrific for viewing your holiday videos and photo slide shows after the family get-togethers, it can also be great for entertaining the younger family members while the older generations catch up with each other.

You may want to use it to show off photos or videos of significant events your loved ones weren't able to attend, such as recitals or sports games. An added bonus is that it's super easy to make with household items that most people have lying about or stashed in a drawer. Even if you don't have the materials, they're inexpensive to purchase and easy to find.

If you're making one for the holidays you might even consider a festive wrapping paper on the shoe box for decoration, just add it to step one before you cut the hole for the lens and be sure to keep the lid functional.

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HOW TO : Make a Smartphone Projector (DIY Infographic)

HOW TO : Make a Smartphone Projector (DIY Infographic)
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